Buxton, Home of Cape Hatteras: Part 2

After a few days without any new article, I am back with some exciting stuff.The second part of my article about Buxton, Cape Hatteras will mostly be about what to eat,  -more- what to do, where to shop sort of things; some special places such as Island Perks Cafe Restaurant and Orange Blossom Bakery & Cafe; 27 more photos which also  includes satellite photos with special places marked on, a few new photoshop work of mine (one of them is just a few lines down), plus some “first time on the net” photos which were taken by me.

cape hatteras lighthouse post card,post card,night stars,buxton,north carolina,usa,by chaos

In Buxton,  shops to buy swim suit, surfing tools, beach stuff; -the only supermarket- Conner’s Supermarket, family restaurants, -the only- bakery -in buxton-, rental movie VCDs, DVDs etc. (in Village Video), sports bar, seafood restaurants, two banks (RBC and Firsth South Bank) are available in Buxton.(No big mall)…

hatteras island map,buxton,north carolina,frisco,avon,ocracoke,rodanthe,kitty hawk,kill devil hills,USA

Where and What to eat in Buxton, Cape Hatteras…

There are erally many nice places to eat declisious things in Buxton.Bakery, Restaurants, Pizza Stores, Seafood places and etc.First I will mention some nice places and give you contact information and then I got two special places to mention widerly…

Papa Nino’s Pizza is a quite nice place and has  good pizzas, you can call and order  your pizza, subs, french fries, soda, anywhere in Buxton and not so far from Buxton.Here’s it’s contact information.If you go to pick up your order you can also play several arcade games and have a litte fun.
47365 Nc Highway 12, Buxton, NC 27920 Phone:+1 252-995-0060

Buoy’s Restaurant is a ncie place where you can find also nice seafood.It’s amongst the nicest places to find seafood  in Buxton.It’s actually near to Papa Nino’s Pizza.Here’s the contact information:

Osprey Shopping Center, N.C. Hwy. 12, Buxton, Hatteras Island, NC 27920

Phone: (252) 995-6575‎

Cool Wave Ice Cream Shoppe is  little ice cream place with great variety .Mini Golf is also available there.Cool place to get some cold thing to escape from the Island’s hot weather.

47237 NC Highway 12, Buxton, NC 27920 Phone: 252-995-6366

Lighthouse Sports Bar, is a warm and friendly place where you could play pool, get some to drink, meet other people; have a sit on a comfortable couch and watch the game on the T.V.
47170 NC Highway 12, Buxton, NC 27920 Phone:252-995-0196

The Old Gray House is a historical shop/house where you can find excellent gifts, souvenirs.Friendly owners will make you feel home.I assure you, you will also find some kind of mysterious things there.

47074 Light Plant Road, Buxton, NC 27920  Phone: 252-995-6098

Now it’s time to mentioned my favourite places which are absolutely “must visit” ones of Hatteras Island.

island perks cafe restaurant,buxton,cape hatteras,nc,usa

(Island Perks Cafe Restaurant, Buxton, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA; photo taken in summer 2008)

Island Perks Cafe Restaurant…

It’s the absolutely amongest the best restaurants on the entire Island.Great variety of foods, generous service, nice staff, great location, gorgeous souvenirs, many different tasty coffees, delicious ice-creams, milkshakes, smoothies, delicious foods, seafoods, the deck with spectacular island breeze to have a sit and enjoy your time, your food, your drink all together with your family and/or friends etc. The place has breakfast, lunch and dinner services.It’s amongst a few places which has breakfast service in Buxton.

You could also order special birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. cakes.The owner; the polite, friendly and smiling face guy himself will prepare the cake thorougly with gorgeous desings on it.You could ask him what to write on the cake, I assure you, he will do a great job.

inside island perks cafe restaurant,island perks cafe restaurant,buxton,cape hatteras,nc,usa

(Inside the Island Perks Cafe & Restaurant, Buxton, Cape Hatteras, NC; That’s “Register Fatih“! you can see some homemade cakes on the right side and souvenirs, coffees etc.)

Especially in summer, you can also order special desserts and foods, such as baklava (delicious Turkish dessert), which you are unable to find anywhere else on the Island.

It’s called cafe restaurant but like I mentioned above, you must visit the place to find gorgeous souvenirs,  tasty ice-creams, milk shakes, smoothies…

(See the map below for it’s location)

satellite map of hatteras island,Island Perks Cafe Restaurant,Orange Blossom,Hatteras,buxton,satellite map,nc,usa

(Satellite phot of Hatteras Island, I pointed the location of Island Perks Cafe Restaurant, Orange Blossom Bakery and others.)

Orange Blossom Bakery and  Cafe…

This place absolutely has the right to be famous with its Apple Uglies, Donuts and all other baked goods.

The place is amongst the old places of the Island, so let’s firstly take a look at its history shortly.

The place was originally built as as the Orange Blossom Motel in the 1950s, the name comes from orange trees that were located on the property.The original owners of the bakery are Mr & Mrs Barnette.After Mr. Barnette passed away, the motel was converted to a bakery by Doris and Allan Oakham and Lillian Hundley.Henry and Michal who bought the bakery in 1991 made some major conversions, and added the café to the bakery, hence our name of the Orange Blossom Bakery & Café!Tab and Stacy Stacks bought the bakery from Henry and have endeavored to keep all of the wonderful things about the Orange Blossom just the same – and make small improvements from customer suggestions.And finally, in summer 2007, Cahrley Pereira has started to own this spectacular place.

orange blossom bakery and cafe,buxton,orange blossom bakery,cape hatteras,nc,usa

(Orange Blossom Bakery and Cafe, Buxton, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

The donuts of Orange Blossom Bakery is amongst the best in the entire country.It’s all homemade.The dough, glaze, chocolate etc. are all homemade and the reason to make the donuts and donut holes amongst the tastiest ones.It’s also amongst the several places in the nation which makes “Apple Ugly”.Besides, delicious the pastries, homemade breads and breakfast service… Orange blossom is absolutely among the “must visit” place of Hatteras Island.Contact information and thw web site in where you can find Orange Blossom Bakery and Cafe’s breakfast menu, price lists, hours and other informaton are :

orange blossom bakery cafe,buxton,orange blossom bakery,cape hatteras,nc,usa

(Orange Blossom Bakery and Cafe, Buxton, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA; Photo from Summer 2008)

Orange Blossom Bakery and Cafe

Address: 47208 Highway 12, Buxton, Hatteras Island, NC 27920
Phone: (252) 995-4109

Now it’s more photo time.I will tell about activities, more places -to shop-, “must see” places between the photos.

welcome to buxton,buxton entrance,buxton,NC,USA,travel,trip advise

(Entrance of Buxton, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

waves of cape hatteras,wallpaper,waves,north carolina,usa,sea

(Waves of Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

road side stream passing under highway 12,usa,nc,buxton,cape hatteras,stream,highway 12,

(A road side stream passing under Highway 12, Buxton, NC, USA; photo from summer 2007)

waiting for the sunrise in buxton,cape hatteras,wallpaper,nc,usa,beach,sea

(Beach, Ocean and the Horizon; While we were waiting for the sunrise in Buxton, unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, summer 2008, NC, USA)

surfing in cape hatteras,buxton,NC,USA,wallpaper,waves,sea,surf

(Surfing in Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

sunset in cape hatteras,waves,hatteras,nc,usa,horizon,sea,wallpaper

(Waves and sunset in Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

outerbanks in buxton,sea shore,buxton,nc,outerbanks,usa

(Outerbanks of North Carolina, Buxton, USA)

martial arts tricks on the beach,martial arts tricks,martial arts,buxton,nc,usa,cape hatteras,capoeira

(Showing some martial arts tricks to my friends on the beach; Summer 2008, Buxton, NC, USA)

moving hatteras lighthouse,cape hatteras,buxton,usa,nc,hatteras lighthouse

(While moving Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, NC, USA)

bird eye view of hatteras lighthouse and buxton,buxton,usa,hatteras lighthouse,NC

(A bird’s eye view of Hatteras Lighthouse and Buxton, NC, USA)

spectacular hatteras sunrise,usa,nc,sunrise,sea,beach,hatteras

(Spectacular Hatteras sunrise, Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

original location of hatteras lighthouse,hatteras lighthouse,buxton,NC,USA

(Original location of Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, NC, USA)

hatteras kiteboarding,north carolina,usa,kiteboarding,sunset,buxton,cape hatteras,wallpaper

(Sunset & Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, NC, USA)

cape hatteras road sign to the lighthouse,cape hatteras lighthouse,buxton,NC,USA,Highway 12

(Road sign to the Lighthouse, Buxton, NC, USA)

road to cape hatteras lighthouse,road,hatteras lighthouse,lighthouse,buxton,NC,USA

(Road to cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, NC, USA)

buxton skyline at sunset,wallpaper,sunset,buxton,cape hatteras,NC,USA

(Buxton skyline at sunset, NC, USA; Thanks a lot to my friend Sean for the photo)

buxton,yacht,villa,pier,cape hatteras,nc,usa

(Yacht & Villa; Cape Hatteras, NC, USA; photo from summer 2008)

buxton post office black and white,black white,buxton,cape hatteras,NC,USA

(A black & white photo of Buxton, Post Office; NC, USA )


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