Places To eat in USA

Right from the evolution of man he is fighting for food. The aromatic flavors, bud

sizzling tastes and tongue tickling sauces- all are essential to a person satisfied

of his hunger. It is said that hungry stomach can not even think logically. Food is

very essential for every living being. Even when out of our cozy homes we crave

for best food which should be hygienic and with mouthwatering aroma. New York

City is over crowded with the restaurant serving numerous delicacies.

Listed below are a few of them which are not to be missed at any cost:


It is a four star Restaurant with terrific pizza molded with cheese and sauces. Its

firm crust, salty mozzarella and thick tomato sauce make it demanding .Example:

pizza Verde is soggy under the weight of chopped fresh tomatoes. It is known for

its good food and service but does not have many seats.

Eat-Pisode Inc

It’s a five star restaurant absolutely elegant. They pay attention towards the

cutlery which is cute and original. Food is distinctive from other Thai restaurants.

It has a very elaborate and affordable menu.


It is a fast service and friendly four star restaurant .Here the brunch is excellent

and eggs succulent. It is situated at a terrific spot for shopping.


It is a treat for quick, hot, tomato pizzas. If one is out for doughy-cheesy pizza

this place is the best resort. This restaurant has been making pizzas since

1970’s.Although New York is famous for its pizzas but Joe’s pizzas have no



It is famous for its heavy bites of fluffy eggs, apple pan cakes and buttermilk

biscuits with strawberry butter. People mostly gather here during prime time. It is

renowned for its delicacies like vegan burgers, chick peas and coconut scented

cakes slices.

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