Hello again! I have just published the first part of my 2015 calendars with female celebrities. At that part, I posted calendars of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Joanna Krupa and so on and so forth. At this new part, there will be female celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Kesha, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrance etc.

kesha hair style wallpaper calendar 2015


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Hello everyone! How have you all been doing? I am sure most of you are quite busy nowadays. Well, it’s the holiday season. At least, in America it is. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year one after another. We’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving, actually, several days ago. How did you like your turkey meat? LOL Alright, here I come with a new post!

Lady Gaga black white dress calendar 2015


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Another Halloween is around the corner, less than a couple of weeks away. Then will come the Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year; sweet, warm, spooky, freaky, cool, hot, interesting days and weeks and months. Haha :) I am sure, for many people, this is the best part of the year; one after another, great occasions to celebrate.

sexy girl hot halloween greeting e card wallpaper


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It is mostly quite astonishing to see giant man-made structures. At least, that is what my experiences with giant man-made structures, modern or ancient, has been so far. Despite that fact, I am not sure if there would be too many people who would make a plan solely to see this bridge, especially if they live far away. But, we might wanna think again :)

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Uhmm, many or most of you guys might think that the summer is almost over, so what is this new post about a lake. Well, my friends, Findley Lake is a four season tourist attraction place. It has many beautiful things to offer you in each season. So, this post and this place is, in a way, timeless; if you are in or around the area and are looking for some good time, no matter what season it is, Findley Lake is a great destination.

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Well, I called it “unknown good restaurants” but no offense, please, it was unknown to me and I discovered it to be an unknown beauty, again, “for me” and since this is my personal blog rather than a paid advertisement site kind of thing, I write about my own personal experience. Why did I react to my own title like that? Well, I guess, the owners or the people who know this place quite well might feel offended with the title, I thought and tried to explain myself.

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Alright, it was my first experience ever in a Peek’n Peak resort and I would like to share about it together with the photos that I’ve taken during my trip. First of all, this is the Peek’n Peak in Clymer, New York and apparently this is the only Peek n Peak in WNY area. Overall it was a pretty good experience, I have nothing to complain about, even though I will point out a couple of issues, and also will give more details of activities. Yes, this place offers quite a few fun, adventurous, nice activities such as golf, skiing (if visited during winter), indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, spa, sauna etc. OK, now, let’s get going and see more details.

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I have recently had a three weeks trip to Turkey and visited many beautiful cities, places and took a lot of pictures. I think, it is time that I start posting about it and sharing some pictures with you, my dear followers and visitors. I had already written quite a few posts about Turkey and many different cities in Turkey, including Bursa. So, I won’t go much into details of it again, rather I will share the pictures of some famous, popular places in Bursa with short notes under each picture. Let’s get started…

Emir Sultan Mosque, Bursa, Turkey

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Nutrition requirements may change significantly when we go to another country. Locations often at altitude , the temperature is higher or lower , and the air is more moisty or drier than in the home country.

All these factors influence the needs, particularly while you still try hard for your diet program . Moisture losses are often significantly larger and the fluid intake must therefore be much larger . It should advance and take into account the disposal sufficient (sports ) drink is part of the logistics planning in order to avoid shortages.


Flying and Dietary Changes

Flying is another problem . During longer flights fluid losses can occur, which is substantial and therefore measures should be taken to avoid dehydration. So drink ! At the same time as a traveler you probably want to sleep and too much drinking means that you often have to get up to go to the toilet go . So drink well , but not excessively . The amount of drinking offered on the aircraft is very limited . It is therefore advisable to buy a bottle of water ( or other beverage ) at the airport ( after passport control ) . Water , soft drinks and sports drinks are better than coffee, tea , and alcoholic beverages .

These latter include diuretics ( caffeine and alcohol ) and thereby boosting moisture loss . However, it is better to have coffee or to drink tea than nothing.

Nutrition and Dietary Hygiene

The traveler often depends on the food that is served in planes, trains , hotels and restaurants and the food choices are somewhat limited. In some countries there are more Serious problems in food hygiene, and a lack of pure water . Gather your good information in that area before you go through For example, the Public Health Service , team physician or sports dietitian. In that kind of situations, it is important to plan ahead and have sufficient snacks to take ( energy bars , etc. ) and with only bottled water to drink.

When you go to a training or competition where food hygiene can be a problem then it is wise to contact a sports dietitian for proper planning to contact create and be best prepared .

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