Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is MyTripolog ? Who is Tripolog ?

Q.2- What’s the difference of MyTripolog? Can I not find the same things in some other web sites?

A.1- I think it will be clear enough to understand if I formulate it this way:

My + Trip + (o)log

I got these meanings of the words which are in my domain name MyTripolog;

Trip: Voyage, Journey, Travel (for the purpose of vacation, adventure, tourism, researches etc. )

And for the word of (o)log,

Log:1. A written record of events on a voyage,

2. A journal or diary, maintained by the teacher, supervisor, assessor, or administrator, that includes such topics as decisions, plans, activities, results, changes, and reflections

I also meant something like “Biolog(e) -Biologist-” or “Psycholog(e) – Psychologist-” when I made that name up “Tripolog”.

I have been travelling for years and now It’s also the time to share the Logs of My Trips.I will keep travelling and writing, taking photos, sharing with you.After a very nice research, I will also write about the places that I want/plan to travel.

A.2- Let me mention the differences first, then it will be easier to observe the second point.

The articles in MyTripolog are written by me and are first time on the net.

I don’t copy the articles from some other web sites like many others do.The articles are from my own words/sentences.

I won’t let you get lost/bored in too many encyclopedical information.This is not some kind of encyclopedia web site; I will always be trying my best you to feel like talking to a friend as you are reading my articles.

To help you more, to explain and introduce better and more effective, I share many nice, high quality and special pictures/photos of the places which I mention in the article.I don’t claim all photos in web site are taken by me.But there will also be many nice and first time on internet photos which were/are taken by me.I will also use some softwares to give nice effects to the photos.By the way, photos are another hobby of mine and I have a very large collection.

When I mention places, I will give information about touristic places, historical places, a wide choice of hotel/motel/accomodation/boardinghouse opportunities of the place by giving price/face examples, activity opportunities of the place, transportation choices to/in the place with price/fare examples etc. Everything the traveller might need and ask for will be originally mentioned.

I hope now the second point can be observed through the differences above.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a reply if you have more questions, I will thoroughly check and respond.Thanks a lot for your time and attention!

Stay in touch with you Trip Advisor MyTripolog not to miss any must/worth to see place all around the world …

…By ChaOs…