Statue of Liberty

New York City is a big city with many attractions abiding in it including art, music, dance, sightseeing, nightlife, restaurants and changing fashion. People all over world visit this enchanting and interesting place. About forty million tourists come here from all different countries. It is usually stated as a most important human resort due to which several tourists step their foot here which needs no explanation. It is famous for its world class concerts, theatres and works of arts.

There are 14 official publication centers in New York which ensure best hotels, theatres, stores, restaurants, meeting venues and other attractions.

Major attraction here is the great Statue of Liberty and has become the famous icon of the city. Ellis Island and Empire State Building are the major visiting points in New York.

The vividly spoken, Statue of Liberty, stands in New York Harbor on 12 acre Liberty Park. It is the main resort for all he tourists of New York.Anyone who comes to New York see there because it famous in the whole world.There is no such building in the world.

It is said that, this Statue “stands for what this country is all about”. This place gives an opportunity to have an enchanting view of the whole city and its great architecture. It is believed that this during the period of 19th and 20th  century when many immigrants came to America this Statue welcomed them heartily with grace and poise.If you go to USA i recommend you to see there. Do not go back to your country  without visiting this unique statue.It tells the importance of liberty, power of liberty by standing gergously in USA.This is known by the all world.

Have a good trip.

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