Sunset Over Lake Cooley, Take a Walk: Inman, South Carolina

Hello there dear visitors and followers! This is yet another South Carolina post, and it is the last one, at least for now. This one will be about just another lake of South Carolina, Lake Cooley. I had already posted about Lake Jacossee; but this one is not really something you could compare with Lake Jacossee for numerous reasons. Therefore, my post is also based on different reasons.

sunset over lake cooley

Well, first of all, I have been at this lake several times, mainly for a walk around, and really enjoyed it. The last time I was there, I had the chance to take pictures of susnset over the lake, and couple of other beautiful shots. Even for the sake of sharing those shots with you guys here, I would create this post and it would be good enough reason.

beautiful dock over lake cooley
 A beautiful dock over Lake Cooley; right off Jordan Creek Rd. Inman, SC)

lake cooley photos inman south carolina
 Sunset over Lake Cooley, Inma, SC, USA)

house on the lake cooley inman

While we are at that, I could as well share some information about the lake. First thing to know; it is forbidden to swim in this lake; for whatever the stupid reason it might be (sorry for the tone of my language). So, this is not your destination if your purpose of visit, or at least one of the purposes, is to swim.

scenic susnset view over lake beautiful
 Park over Lake Cooley; there are facilities for kids, swing and etc. beautiful place to go for a walk. Kid and family friendly)

dock over lake cooley inman


But you could fish and boat on the lake. Besides, it is really scenic; the area is very photogenic, very picturesque. It really is lovely to go for a walk around the lake. Very refreshing, relaxing, chilling. There is a boat ramp available, located on road SSR 40 (you could google it and easily find) and a permit is required for boating.

sunset colors on lake cooley

Catfish, bass, bream, crappie are among the kind of fish that live in Lake Cooley. And yes, thankfully, fishing is NOT prohibited.