Practical Info For A Summer Vacation in Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Ecuador Travel – Practical information


Ecuador gets its name from its location on the equator. Ecuador is about 7 times as large as the Netherlands, but this is still one of the smallest countries in South America. Ecuador, is the westernmost country of the Andean countries. The Andes, Ecuador is divided into three very different landscapes: the coastal plain (Costa), the Andes (Sierra) and the tropical rainforest (Oriente). Ecuador borders Peru, Colombia and the Pacific Ocean.


The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. The natives often speaks Quechua. In the real remote areas may prevent the population does not speak Spanish or English. English is spoken fairly often in restaurants and hotels. However, it is advisable to learn to facilitate. Contact with the local population a few Spanish words


The geographical location of Ecuador (directly on the equator) creates the virtual absence of real seasons. However, the country has the necessary climate differences due to the variation in landscapes. The nights of the Andes, for example, very cold in contrast to the coastal area. The coastal areas and the Sierra have some sort seasons, namely dry / cool and wet / warm. The wave currents in the Pacific Ocean are responsible. In the rain falls throughout the year by heavy rainfall.

Best time

The weather in Ecuador is very variable and there is really little to say about the best or worst time. Most rain falls in Ecuador between January and April. Although you can travel in Ecuador through the year, the period from June to September is generally considered the best time. In this period it is usually dry in the Andes and dry and not too hot in the coastal area. Regarding the weather can be traveled throughout the year at least in Ecuador.

Best time Galápagos

Although you can visit the Galápagos islands throughout the year, there is still a small variation in climate per period. The Galapagos Islands have two distinct seasons: the hot from January / to April (approx. 26 ° C) and cool from May / to December (approx. 23 ° C).


The valid currency in Ecuador is the U.S. Dollar. For the current price: On this site you can print a handy overview of the current course that you can take on a journey (look above in the Currency Tools in the “FXCheatSheet”).

Payment options

Euros can be exchanged into U.S. dollars at official exchange offices and banks. Pins can in Ecuador in many places. In any case, at airports and in all cities. Just make sure you always have some spare money cash in your pocket. Credit cards are accepted in Ecuador.


The bus network in Ecuador is extensive and connects all major places with each other. However Tico offers tours only on the basis of private transport. Taxis are plentiful I find Ecuador and are generally reliable. They are equipped with a meter or you can agree a fare in advance. The train is seen in Ecuador as a tourist attraction than a mode of transport.


The voltage in Ecuador is 110 volts. You will need an adapter.

Mobile calls?

Do you want to be sure that you can call and may be in Ecuador, called please just contact the best with your provider. It is because it depends on your phone and your carrier or you will be in Ecuador. Reachable by mobile phone


Of course you will find in Ecuador also Internet cafes. In the big cities they are available for reasonably cheap rates anywhere. Do you think, too, that you can call via the Internet (eg Skype).


Safety Abroad

Although South America in terms of safety is not always as good a name, you may find that you still feel very at ease. Located in Ecuador with its friendly people Nevertheless, the difference between rich and poor often very large and it is therefore to always RAEN to watch, especially in the busy centers of large cities and places like bus stations and airports! Well on your stuff Make room for copies of your valuable papers and keep them separate from the originals and scan them in and put the copies on the Internet. Valuables, such as expensive jewelry, you can have the best home. For the latest travel advice for Ecuador, you can view the site of Foreign Affairs.


In general, no vaccination requirement applies. It has been recommended to take against typhoid fever, hepatitis A and DTP a vaccination. Also, a malaria treatment sometimes recommended because opinions on this matter regularly change refer to specific and the most up-to-date information gladly to the National Coordination Travel Advice, GG & GD, Tropical Centre or your GP.


The changing climate has you. Different clothing For daytime light cotton clothing and evening in the mountains, where it can be quite cool, is recommended. Warm sweater A raincoat is also part of the standard equipment. In connection with the mosquitoes in the jungle light clothing is important and a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Climbing shoes are recommended.

Food and drink

In Ecuador, many people eat mainly rice, potatoes, pasta, chicken and cabbage. Famous dishes are Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken) Lomo saltado (fried onion and tomato beef with rice) and Churrasco (beef with fried egg), but there are also more typical and for our special dishes such as pork from the spit, ceviche ( kind of soup of raw fish or shrimp) and of course the Andes Delicacy: cuy!

Shopping Hours

Large stores are open daily from 10:00 to 23:00. Small shops are only open on weekdays from 8:00 to 18:00. Banks are open on weekdays from 9.00 to 13.30.


In restaurants, cafes, taxi drivers and other service providers, is 10% tip if you are satisfied with the service.


95% of the residents of Ecuador is Roman Catholic.

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