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Argentina is known for its gaucho `s, the tango and the Pampa. Argentina gets its name from the Latin argentum meaning ‘silver’. After Brazil, Argentina is the largest country in South America. Since they speak Portuguese in Brazil, Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in South America, and also directly in the world. Argentina situated between the Andes and the South Atlantic. It borders Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile.

 Argentina can be divided into 4 zones. In the north of the subtropical lowlands in the east and center of the Pampas, in southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego and in the west the Andes. The Pampa is as large as France. The north and center are moist, south and west are dry.

Patagonia consists of steppes and mountains on the other hand. To the south of Patagonia find huge glaciers, emerald lakes and large deciduous forests. In the southernmost tip of Argentina find Tierra del Fuego. Fuego has great lakes and sometimes appears in terms of landscape on the fjords of Norway. The temperatures in Tierra del Fuego are not above 15 ° C from.

(Large size and detailed Argentina political map)

Food & Drink

In Argentina is widely eaten meat, the specialty is of course Argentine beef, which is prepared on an open fire. Further specialties are the “empanadas”, stuffed pastries and various regional specialties such as tamales, a corn dish with savory filling. Across the country may well be eaten Italian, including Italian ice prominent. Lovers of sweetness can enjoy the typical Argentine “alfajores” cookies filled with dulce de leche, caramel cream, and flan. As is known, the excellent wines from Argentina.

The national drink is the ‘degree’ tea, yerba made of herbs, which is drunk with a bombilla, a metal straw from a mate cup. Especially at weekends you can see everywhere in parks and attractions Argentines stroll with the thermos under the arm and the degree-cup in hand.

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