All Over The Caribbean Island; The Vibrant Barbados

Vibrant Barbados; A Caribbean vacation in the Caribbean should be: relaxed and easygoing. Barbados makes it true!

When everyone thinks Barbados Caribbean dream beaches for the jet set. It is true that Barbados has the best beaches and the rich and famous like being here. But Barbados holiday offers varied opportunities for all.

Safe holiday
A holiday in Barbados means carefree holiday. The standard of living of the population is by far the best of the Caribbean and crime is rare. Standard of living also ensures that tap water can be drunk, so a diarrhea that many holidays already in the water to fall, gets a chance. Should something unexpected happen, health care is at a western level. A comforting thought for families with children or elderly. Moreover, Barbados beyond the orbit of the hurricanes, a tail is all of Barbados occasionally inherits.

Nice trips
Looking for variety and even one day or half day at the beach? There are plenty of options. Visit Harrison’s Cave, the only cave in the Caribbean, accessible by train. Also good for cooling!

In the Caribbean, you can just run into at a real mill. The Morgan Lewis Windmill was built in 1727 and is a memorial to the Dutch who put the mills for processing sugar cane.

Mount Gay Rum was the first rum ever and is still regarded as the best in the world. But without a cane, you can not make rum. A visit to Port Vale Sugar Factory gives a good picture of the sugar industry and the manufacturing method of the rum.

Beautiful nature
Nature in Barbados with the rolling cane fields and forest is very beautiful pieces. A walk through Barbados Wildlife Reserve is really worth. You run a risk to the Green Monkeys up close and turtles, crocodiles, pelicans, iguanas and snakes to encounter.

Spread across the island will find the most beautiful flower gardens, thanks to the British who held sway here until 1967. The Flower Forest is really worth a visit. More than twenty hectares of tropical flowers, trees and plants. Other attractions for nature lovers: Andromeda Botanic Gardens and Orchid World.

Summer Carnival
It is almost impossible to be in Barbados and not one of the many festivals with it. In summer the Crop Over Festival, a grand feast. Traditionally a celebration around the gathering of the harvest, this is a summer carnival. Every Friday night there in the fishing village Oistens an unforgettable celebration. You can also find many places and that makes it fun.

Barbados is a great number of jobs a paradise for golf lovers. Not for nothing has hosted the World Cup 2007 in Barbados.

For wind and kite surfers Barbados is also a hotspot. Of all Caribbean islands, Barbados is lowest in the Atlantic ocean and the coast

with its high waves are very spectacular.

Other boaters and divers, are better off in the Caribbean Sea to the east. English sports like polo and cricket are also very popular, fun to look at it.

From restaurant to club
Although Barbados on the world map but a tiny spot on, the two restaurants in the top fifty in the world. But besides Barbados haute cuisine has all kinds of restaurants, from Thai to Italian, from African to French. Just the excellent local cuisine does not matter. Delicious fresh fish forms the main part.

From a dinner one evening to enjoy live music in a trendy bar or cafe in Barbados, the atmosphere is always excellent. Also there are clubs with local artists and music clubs in the season known DJs spin until the wee hours.

Enjoying the beach
The pear shaped island offers beaches on the north, east, south and west coasts, all with dazzling white sand. With the Caribbean Sea on one, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side of the island, this allows for variety means any type of beach lovers this is a way completely to his or her features!

The most famous beaches are located on the west coast. You can find quiet beaches on the Caribbean Sea. The south coast of the island which offers some variation between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, is more lively and offers more water sports. You can swim in the sea well, but other sports like snorkeling, wind and kite surfing are popular here. For lovers of wind, waves and show the east coast is a real treat: wild waves and dramatic cliffs provide a magnificent spectacle.

Last but not least, Barbados still has a breathtaking northern coast. This coastline offers magnificent views and panoramas. Quiet and calm bays are interspersed with wild, foaming waves breaking on the rocks and cliffs. This show is not lacking among the photos!

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