Istanbul Photo Album Part 2/3

Here’s the second part of Istanbul Photo album.Istanbul, 2010 European Capital of Culture, is amongst the greatest metropolis cities of the world.With its thousands years of heritage, It’s absolutely a “must see” city that can generously offer every color of the life to the visitors; history, culture, countless entertainments and amusements, natural beauty…

In this part of the photo album, there are photos of Bosporus Bridge, Maiden’s Tower, shore of “Kadikoy Moda”, Ataturk and Galata Bridges…

kadikoy,istanbul,turkey,sea shore,sailing(Yachts and Boats sailing over Kadikoy Shore, Istanbul, Turkey)

(Yacht Marina on the left side.It’s possible to see many sailing yachts and boats here during the day.And It’s a very popular spot for going for a walk along the shore. Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey)

sea shore,boats,sailing,kadikoy,istanbul,turkey guide

kadikoy,moda sahili,moda shore,istanbul,turkey,boats

floating restaurant,kadikoy,moda,istanbul,turkey,boat,sailing

(A floating restaurant -on the right- over the Kadikoy Shore and sailing boats around. Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey)

over bosporus bridge,sun rays over sea,bosporus,istanbul,turkey

(I took this photo while passing over the Bosporus Bridge by bus.Reflection of the sun over the water is so nice and the ship sailing over. Istanbul, Turkey)

bosporus bridge,turkish flag,boat,sailing over bosporus,istanbul,turkey

(Another photo which was taken over the Bosporus Bridge, nice scenic view of trees on the other side and  a Turkish flag waving on the hill.Amazingly beautiful waterfront houses down there… Istanbul, Turkey)

mosque in istanbul,bosporus bridge,turkey

(Buildings, houses, gardens, trees, one mosque down there under the bridge.A kinda crowded scene of buildings, can be considered somewhat Istanbul classic. Huh! )

bosporus,over bridge,turkey,istanbul,istanbul city guide

istanbul traffic,bridge,rain,wallpaper,turkey

(A sunset time over Ataturk Bridge, and the evening traffic, A rainy day… Istanbul, Turkey)

traffic in istanbul,rainy day,turkey,wallpaper,bridge

turkey wallpaper,rain,sunset,bridge,istanbul,traffic

bridge,wallpaper,darty,ataturk bridge,ataturk,turkey

(Another clear view of the evening traffic over the Ataturk Bridge.The view ahead smells exactly like Istanbul hah ?)

maiden's tower,kiz kulesi,istanbul,turkey,wallpaper

(Maiden’s Tower, also known in the ancient Greek as Tower of Leandros or Leander’s Tower, is located on a small islet in Bosporus –Uskudar, Istanbul-. Maiden’s Tower was  built  in 408 BC by the ancient Athenian General Alcibiades.Tower was on purpose to control the movements of the Persian ships in the Bosphorus strait.The Tower was enlarged by Byzantine Emperor  Alexius Comnenus in 1110 AD and was restored and slightly modified by The Ottoman Empire during 15th and 17th hundreds.)

kiz kulesi,maiden's tower,istanbul wallpaper,turkey

(Visitor enjoying their drinks while watching the spectacular view of Maiden’s Tower, Bosporus and Istanbul.)

sunset in istanbul,kadikoy,moda,turkey,floating restaurant

(Sunset and Sun rays… Floating restaurant -on the left- along the Moda Shore of Kadikoy. Istanbul, Turkey )

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