Explore New Tastes – Ethiopian and Indian in Buffalo, New York

Are you guys also keen on exploring new tastes like I am? I hope you are, because I will share some good stuff with you all today. Uhmm, actually, yes, I love exploring new tastes, new food, new dishes, but many of times I find myself reluctant to do that, as well, for some reason. Or, it so happens that most of the time I am not inclined to find out about bizarre looking food, although I must say I’ve tasted some bizarre food and some of them in fact are among my favorites.

Anyways, we are going to briefly talk about two restaurants in Buffalo, New York, today. One is an Ethiopian restaurant, and the other is an Indian restaurant. The good part is that both cuisine seem to have both excellent vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. I am not a huge fan of vegetarian food but even for me, these two places have wonderfully delicious vegetarian food.

india gate restaurant inside buffet food

Ethiopian one is called Lucy Ethiopian Cuisine and it is at 388 Amherst St., Buffalo; and the Indian one is India Gate and it is at 1116 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY. The are fairly close to each other, actually. And they both have such delicious food. If you are looking for a new taste and never tasted either of these cuisines, make sure to keep these places in mind.

India Gate also has a buffet on certain days of the week. You could visit their web site and find out about their buffet schedule. They have a good variety of food among their buffet selection — food, a couple of drinks, some sweets, dips, and they will also give you some freshly made naan bread.

lucy ethiopian cuisine restaurant coffee food buffalo ny

Both cuisines have spicy food but I guess Indian food is a bit more spicy. If you’re a meat lover, these two places could be your havens, ahahaha. But like I said, they have very very good vegetarian food, as well. Oh, if you are a coffee lover, then you must taste that Ethiopian coffee!! After all, it is the birthplace of coffee. Such a flavorful coffee it is… A fair warning, though — you might not be too impressed with how the Lucy Ethiopian restaurant looks from outside or even inside. But don’t let this discourage you. The owner is such a nice guy and you will feel very welcome there. And the food is, of course, so very delicious.

I think their reviews on google and yelp are quite fair overall. You could check it yourself, too, and they’re rated between 4-5 over 5 stars. If you have visited any of these two restaurants and want to leave a short comment below, feel free to do so. Adios!

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