New Year 2014, Christmas 2013 Greeting Cards E-Cards Wallpapers

Well, I decided to create another category in my blog. Sure, the main focus of my blog is travel, trip, holiday, worth seeing places and so on. But as my followers will remember, I create greetings card, e-cards, for special occasions and share them here in my blog; occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Eid Ramadan – Adha, Easter, Halloween etc.

fireplace christmas greetings ecards

And I, actually, have been adding them under various categories within my web site, but now, I decided that these cards and wallpapers do not really make me astray from the focus of my web site really, since I will be doing this as a side work and blend it with the rest of the topics. Then I decided, let me create a category for them and provide for my followers a more conventional, easy way to find these e-cards, wallpapers. The category is called “E-Cards Greeting Cards” and I will now keep sharing these kinda photoshop works of mine under this category.

Since Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014 are less than a month away, I am now sharing the e-cards related to this. I am actually, planning to design some 2014 calendars, as wallpapers or e-cards again, and share them in my blog but not yet, probably in upcoming days. For now, enjoy your Christmas and New Year card. Comments are always welcome! Thanks in advance… [[ Pictures are all large size, click to see its larger size, or simply right click on them and save it in your computer ]]

new year 2014  Christmas 2013 wallpaper greeting cards

new year 2014  Christmas 2013 wallpaper greeting e-cards

new year 2014  Christmas 2013 wallpaper greeting ecards

new year 2014  Christmas 2013 wallpapers greeting cards

new year 2014  Christmas 2013 winter wallpaper greeting cards

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