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Well, I know, I know… This is the blog where I share – post about travel, trip, vacation etc. But at times, as my followers know, I go a little out of the main context and post about different things such as important events, feasts, holidays etc. And Christmas is at the gate, right? Many people out there trying to find best places for Christmas shopping; they want to make sure to have the best possible shopping experience during this once a year great event; to make sure with the quality, service, community; to make sure receiving best possible quality for the money that is paid; to make sure finding out a special, unique, unusual gift for the loved ones.


I will mainly focus on the keywords such as “unique”, “one of a kind”, “unusual”, “special” besides, of course, the good quality. With such keywords, it is not that easy since the whole market is occupied by mass produced items.At that point, the best choices are that you find some shops online that provides handmade items or vintage items. I will share two wonderful online shops that could provide you the best of handmade items and vintage items.

Here is the first one: 777DressCode on Etsy

It is a shop mainly focusing on Women’s Clothing – Women’s Dresses – Accessories – Costumes. As you can see, the shop has got a wonderful feedback history. So, there is no problem about the quality of the service. Concerning the items; they are all one of a kind! Most of the items are handmade or up-cycled (which also makes it  “handmade and one of a kind”). The shop also has very rare and very good quality vintage items. If you really want to please, and surprise your wife, girlfriend, daughter, lady friend, sister, a female loved one of yours, with your Christmas gift, this is the place you are looking for!

The second shop is: HTArtCraftAndVintage on Etsy


This shop is mainly focused on vintage and hand-crafted items. Vintage home decor, housewares, toys, collectibles, books, jewelry etc. and surely the hand-crafted items in the same categories. Again, as you will see, the feedback history of the shop is perfect and that it provides as flawless service and communication for the customers. Great many items in the shop are one of a kind and the rest of them are absolutely rare.

For those who would prefer and are used to shop on eBay, I will add one more shop in my list: SityMart on eBay!
High end items, designer items, good quality brand names and all are for quite reasonable prices. Also, not to forget the Christmas and New Year items; lingerie, nightie, Christmas – Santa Clause costumes etc.  Most of the items are listed for fixed price with “Make Offer” choice; and as it can be seen from the feedback, the seller mostly accepts the reasonable offers.So, don’t just be disappointed with the prices you see at first glance, get out there and make your offer!

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