DIY Halloween home decoration ideas, Halloween outdoor house decors

Halloween 2013 is at the gate, less than a month away. I, actually, wanted to start this post for Halloween decor ideas and interesting Halloween memories to be shared via comments. Well, it still is for both of the purposes but my last year Halloween memory is not a scary one as it might be expected. It is quite funny. OK, I will still tell it here and share the Halloween decoration ideas. Also, last year, I had taken a picture of the best Halloween decoration on the street. I will share that one, too.

The story I am to tell is here: You know, at Halloween, people (especially children) go door by door at the neighborhood to collect some gifts, candies. Well, we also had a lot of kids coming over and I offered already prepared candies for everyone who came over, mostly kids. One of the visitors was a very young kid walking around with his parents.He was such a cute baby. And I had the habit of offering the whole dish of candy to let the visitors pick as much as they want. So, the kid picked one and I sweetly asked him to pick as many as he wants and not to be shy, so he picked one more. Then he stared at his mommy to get a kinda approve from her to pick another one; I guess, he couldn’t get the exact approval he wanted bu he still picked one more. I kept smiling at his face and he kept picking more and more and more, one by one. He was sooo funny! Well, his mom had him drop most of them back except several.

Anyways, what I also did at last Halloween was to take the picture of best Halloween decoration in the neighborhood.Here, I am sharing it right below, and then comes several more crazy Halloween decor pictures.

The best and most creative Halloween outdoor house decoration on my street. An orange, pumpkin color pumpkin-like car, old Volkswagen decorated as Halloween. I should taken a picture of it at night to show its lights, but unfortunately I could not have a chance for it.


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