Honduras Travel & Vacation Attractions, Important Tips

It is a beautiful country in Central America with a fantastic nature, culture and rich history. Nature tours are very worthwhile. Honduras has a tropical rainforest with a rich flora and fauna. Also, the breathtaking waterfalls worth visiting. Also includes plenty to see of the ancient history of the Indians.

Honduras has a warm, tropical climate with summer temperatures around 29 degrees and in winter around 19 degrees.The south of Honduras is dry and hot, the north, however, is very humid. The best time to visit is from October to February.

Honduras is the original banana republic, but travel is easy, fun and cheap. The slow pace, natural beauty and the little tourism make the country particularly attractive to travelers.

An important tip for historical place lovers; Copan, a Mayan city at Guetamalan border of Honduras.It used to be the science center of Maya civilization.Amazing and inspiring historical relics are woth seeing, or I should say, if you visit Honduras, this place is a must.

Besides, Honduras is one of the most popular destinations for wedding and/or honeymoon.

Honduras travel map

(Map of Honduras Bay Islands)

Honduras means “depths” in Spanish. The country owes its name to Columbus. When it arrived in 1502 off the coast of Central America, he planned his name because he had trouble to anchor his boat.

(Roatan Island Ship Wreck, Honduras)

(West bay beach on Roatan Island, Honduras)

Bananas played, for a long time, a major role in the economy of Honduras. Bananas were good for up to 61% of exports. Today, tobacco, beans, sugar cane and rice paddies.

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