How should I prepare for a safari trip in Africa?

What to take when going for a safari trip in Africa ? How should one prepare for a safari trip ?

The best safari countries are generally countries where you do not go unprepared to travel. So you often need a visa and vaccinations, but also things that the safari more enjoyable or more enjoyable are not always spot on sale. It is therefore important to be prepared to travel. For that reason we put below therefore the most important things in a row you need to take a safari trip.

Travel Documents

Without the proper travel documentation (valid passport and a visa) you enter the safari countries in Africa do not. The country information of the country you current information about the required travel documents found.


Occur in Africa for scary diseases. Also, the climate difference and the difference in health care for minor ailments. So make sure you have with you the following: malaria tablets, small first aid kit with aspirin and in any case against diarrhea tablets, insect repellent, and any vaccinations (if needed) a (impregnated) mosquito net.



For the game can best be comfortable walking shoes and khaki or light colored clothing with you. The biting insects are in fact not interested in these colors and will let you a bit more rest. A shirt with long sleeves and long pants are highly recommended. These protect your fight against the sun and insect bites.

The nights and mornings can be very cold. It is therefore advisable for a sweater or windproof jacket with you. Even a thin raincoat during rainy seasons can be very handy.

Sun protection

The African sun is very bright and you will not be the first on the African savannah heatstroke increases. Take a hat or a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses enough to show you against sun protection.

Photo / film

During a game you probably have lots of great pictures and video moments encounter. Take a good camera and enough film or memory cards with. Make sure you have enough spare batteries and memory cards and / or an external storage medium.


Binoculars can dramatically increase your safari fun. You do not always have the chance to very close to the animals. With a good pair of binoculars you can see the animals often still see fairly well. A camera with good zoom can serve as binoculars.

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