Pipa: The hippie village of Brazil

Pipa: the hippie village of Brazil
In northern Brazil, surrounded by impressive cliffs, the Atlantic forest and white sand dunes, lies Pipa. A hippie village in the ’80s discovered by surfers. Picturesque streets, beautiful people and great nightlife make it complete. Pipa … but not only welcomes surfers and hippies, well you’re more than welcome!
Hippies, surfers and you!
Not far from tourist resort located Natal Pipa, a beloved place by many. You can make a day trip from Natal, Pipa but has much to offer, that day is not enough.

Recognize the hippie atmosphere already at arrival: relaxed people, and lots of colorful art. The Brazilians welcome you with open arms. Picturesque, narrow streets lead you to the beach. White gold beaches, natural hot springs, cliffs and coconut palms to the beach of Pipa to a perfect tropical getaway.

Pipa has already been known by different names. As an Indian tribe called the town ever Orotapiry, which means White Man’s Village. Navigators looked to the city from afar and saw Pipa Big Rock Yellow and Green Cape Point, which by nature surrounded by the town.

Finally there is the name chosen Pipa. A special name, chosen for a special village. Pipa is known for a stunning setting and the possibility of adventure. A unique combination!

Have fun on the beach
By the rising tourism in Brazil and in Pipa, there are many things to do. Of course there are souvenir shops, streets and pretty good food found in Lampiau, the quiet but friendly village street of Pipa. On the beach you can choose a boat ride, go kayaking or take surfing lessons.

In the water you encounter dolphins and turtles. You’ll especially for dolphins? Baia dos Golfinos is the favorite place of dolphins. Here you the best chance of spotting them. Love you more turtles? On the beaches you Madeiro turtles nest from November to May encounter!

Sun, sea, beach and love
The village is ideal for a sun, sea and beach. The village is 10 km long beach, so you need not worry that there is no place anymore. The white beaches with turquoise sea, provide a relaxed atmosphere. With the beach clubs is often a swinging Brazilian music to hear, where you can indulge.

Tip! For the romantics there Pipa Praia do Amor, or love the beach. Waves wash here in heart-shaped form on the beach, surrounded by reddish cliffs. At the end of the beach to find its natural hot springs for a romantic bath.

Surfers Paradise!
In and around Pipa, there are several surf spots for the die-hard surfers among us. We have a good selection of spots made for you:

• Praia das Minas: for experienced surfers because of its rough seas.
• Praia do Amor and Praia dos Afogados: the waves throughout the year, this is one of the best surfing spots in the north-east coast.
Brazilians eat a lot of fish and rice, but also the international kitchen is visible everywhere. A typical Brazilian dish is black beans with rice and fries. The beans you’ll especially in the hotel encounter. Although the kitchens in Pipa vary on all restaurants that relaxed holiday atmosphere.

A little later in the evening, the fans going. Bars, pubs and a nightclub show the spectacular nightlife of Pipa. This place is by the Brazilian magazine Viaje Mais voted the best entertainment site outside Recife.

Take the buggy tour!
In the area of ​​Pipa is much to do. So you riding on the beach, motocross or kayaking through the Brazilian forest and there is a buggy tour through the high dunes to make.

During the tour you can buggy on the beaches and ride through the dunes. You pass the most amazing places. On secluded beaches you come to Brazilians who are making music together.

When a dune tour guide asks if you want to tour with or without emotion. The guide will then know if you want an exciting ride, or a relaxing tour. The choice is yours! Emotion you choose? Then you’ll get a tour where you ride and screaming into depths where the impossible becomes true. Along the way, sand board or a board roetsjend the hills. The last stop you strum down, and allowing you to jump into the water. A great adventure!

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