A Brief Vacation In Australia

Australia in brief
Do you think the word ‘old’ right away dusty and boring? Australia proves the opposite! This oldest continent in the world is anything but boring. Australia has an area of ​​over 7.7 million km ². This is English-speaking country, the smallest continent and largest island in the world.
The city with the largest population of Australia is called Sydney. Sydney is not the capital of the wonderful country. That honor goes to Canberra. Both cities are highly recommended. The parks in the Sydney Domain and Royal Botanic Gardens to find out where you can enjoy a lot of exotic plants. There are also many Victorian homes and can choose a beautiful fountain in the shape of a birds nest admire. Important national institutions such as parliament house and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to visit.

Australia consists of 70% from dry desert. But that does not mean that the landscape has no diversity. There are tropical rainforests to discover the country. Think of the Tasmanian wilderness where you can walk between the unique plants, some of the oldest trees and beautiful caves. But on the beautiful coastline and tropical beaches where you can surf great.

Sydney skyline and opera house sails

So are you not afraid of a little heat and want you ever seen a real Skippy jumping around on vacation? Australia is the country for this unique experience.

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