Turkish Bathes (Hamam) In Antalya

Turkish Bathes (originally Hamam), world-famous bathes of the Turkish culture, is a variant of sauna, steam bath or Russian Bath, besides having its specific features that distinguishes Turkish Bathes from others and makes it unique.Turkish Bathes (Hamam) are amongst the most popular attractions of Turkey for international tourists.Antalya, a Mediterranean province of Turkey, is amongst the major tourism destinations in the world and Antalya’s Turkish Bathes (Hamam) are amongst the major attractions of Antalya, besides its world-famous beaches, resorts, Mediterranean vacation spots.

Those who go to a Turkish Bath, first enter a room, known as warm room, in which the guest freely perspires and relaxes.This is of course, before entering into an even hotter room, called hot room. After a full body wash and receiving a wonderful massage, finally guest can go to cooling-room for a relaxation.

Here I will share a list of most famous and most popular Turkish Baths (Hamam) in Antalya.I hope it will be useful for those who visit Antalya; I would really not miss the chance of going to a Turkish Bath, it will be a life time experience.

There are two very famous Turkish Bathes in the center of Antalya province and couple more popular ones in Antalya’s towns.I will start with those which are in city center of Antalya: Pazar Hamami (also known as Cifte Hamam) is the eldest and most known Turkish Bath in Antalya. Yivli Minare Hamami is the other most known and popular Turkish Bath in Antalya city center.

Other than those that are in city center, there are couple more very famous Hamams in towns of Antalya; Caybasi Hamami (also called as Huseyin Aga Hamami) in Korkuteli town of Antalya; Bey Hamami in Elmali town of Antalya are amongst the most popular ones.

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