Oludeniz, Fethiye’s Pearl, Turkey’s Dead Sea

Oludeniz, literally Dead Sea, is the major attraction point of Fethiye, and one of the most popular attractions point of Turkey.It is located in Fethiye town of Mugla city.I have already published a post about Fethiye, which is a major tourist destination of Turkey and the world, but I wanted to publish a separate post only about Oludeniz, because I believe it deserves this.

Beach of Oludeniz is considered to be amongst the best beaches in the world.There are tons of activities which you could enjoy here.Lately, Oludeniz is mentioned all over the world for its suitable nature for Paragliding.Oludeniz is, now, one of the most popular destinations for Paraglading, and its fame is spreading world-wide.Thousands of people from all over the world come here for paragliding.

Oludeniz is also well-known to have a nice night-life.Hisaronu, which is only couple km away from Oludeniz, is the night-life spot of Oludeniz. Oludeniz is amongst the rare places which is totally improved in terms of tourism.

In 2006, Oludeniz beach was chosen to be the best beach in the world by a percentage of 82.In ancient times, it used to be called as the Land of Light and Sun by the Lycian. The water of Oludeniz refreshes itself almost everyday by several natural reasons and that it keeps the water naturally clear, stunningly beautiful.

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