New Theme And Poll Plugin Of MyTripOlog

Hello friends, how’s everyone doing? How’s our new theme ? I changed the theme of MyTripOlog and I think this one is better now.Plus I added a new plugin to the web site.So called “Democracy Poll“.

I will publish many different polls in the web site and keep each one of them on for a long enough while until I can get some useful feedback.Then I will write a post about the poll and share with you all.Hopefully it will be useful for everyone.

Questions of the polls will of course be considering the web site’s main purposes such as travel, photography, vacation etc.I will always try to let voters adding their own choices and it will give us a better aspect on the poll.

The first question of our poll is “What’s the best place for a summer vacation ?“.The choices are are Spain, Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Greece, Maldives and Bora-Bora.Voters can add their choices.This question will stay on until we can get a nice feedback and then I will write a post about it, like I said before.So, you guys can comment under the post and share your opinions with us.

By the way, you can find my posts about all those places mentioned above except Spain.I have posts and photos about Maldives, Bora-Bora, Turkey, Greece, Thailand and Philippines.You can search for it within MyTripOlog.


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