Dubai, From Desert To A Paradise: Part 2

In the second part of the Dubai article, I will mention where to see/visit in Dubai, “must see place of Dubai“, activities, popular tourist attractions etc.And there will many more good quality Dubai photos.

dubai skyline,dubai,burj al arab,dubai aquarium,woman on beach,woman

Now let’s take a look at popular activities, “must see places of Dubai” with amazing photos.

dubai fairmonts emirates tower at night,emirates tower,dubai,view,uae

(Jumeirah Emirates Towers at night, Dubai, UAE;It’s not just a bussiness tower but also a hotel which offers a lot; “Set among landscaped gardens, ornamental lakes and waterfalls, Jumeirah Emirates Towers is the ideal environment for the discerning corporate traveller.” )

wild wadi amusement park in dubai,uae,dubai,amusement park,wild wadi

(Wild Wadi Amusement Park, Dubai; An unbeleiveable theme park next to the beach.You could also see the Jumeriah Beach Hotel Suite in the photo.)

ski dubai,uae,skiing,dubai,winter sports,photo

(Ski Dubai; It’s the third largest indoor snow park in the world.What about a chance for an excellent skiing experience in a city on desert?)

spectacular sunset on desert dubai,dubai,uae,sunset,desert,

(Spectacular sunset on desert, Dubai, UAE; Don’t miss this gorgeous view…)

bur dubai,dubai museum,al fahiti fort,duba,UAE

(Bur Dubai, Dubai Museum; The original building is an old, restored fort -Al Fahidi Fort-.It’s built in 1787  to defend Dubai Creek.Traditional Arab houses, galleries recreate scenes from the Creek, the souk, mosques,  date farms and desert and marine life. A very spectacular exhibit portrays pearl diving, including sets of pearl merchants’ weights, scales and shieves.And many more to see…)

safari in dubai desert,safari,dubai,deset,jeep,uae,emirates

(Safari in Dubai; A great experience of safari on Dubai desert.Take a tour for it.)

falcon city of wonders,dubai,uae,emirates,wallpaper

(FalconCity of Wonders, Dubai; As they claim “Here is the most astonishing place on earth, ‘Falconcity of Wonders“. Here’s a list of wonders in FalconCity:  Dubai Eiffel Tower, Dubai Grand Pyramid, The Tower of Pisa, Dubai Taj Mahal, The Villas, Dubai Hanging Gardens of  Babylon, Town of Venice, Dubai Light House, The Great Wall, Theme Park, Falconcity Mall, Falconcity Towers. –This place is not completely done yet- )

spices,spice souk in dubai,uae,dubai bazaar,dubai photos

(Spice souk in Dubai; Go to a spice souk in Dubai and check the tasty Arabian spices, smell them, get something natural, herbal…)

jumeirah mosque in dubai,jumeirah mosque,uae,dubai

(Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai;The Jumeirah Mosque is a dominant landmark of Dubai city. Built in the medieval Fatimid tradition.The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding organizes visits to the Jumeirah Mosque for non-Muslims, aimed at promoting cultural understanding and first-hand experience as an insight to the Islamic religion.)

dubai waterfront,the palm,dubailand,arabian canal,airport,map,dubai

(Several “must see places in Dubai” on satellite map; Dubai Waterfront, The Palm-Jebel Ali, Dubailand, Arabian Canal, The World Islands, The Palm-Deira, The Palm -Jumeirah, Jebel Ali International Airport.)

disneyland in dubai at night,disneyland,dubai,uae,night,wallpaper

(Disneyland Dubai; An excellent amusement park in Dubai.You’ll find more than you can imagine at Disneyland Dubai)

golf in dubai,golf,uae,dubai,play golf,palm,photo

(Play golf in Dubai, UAE)

yacht and traditional boat together in dubai creek,dubai,yacht,boat,wallpaper

(Dubai Creek; Take a tour in Dubai Creek by a traditional boat or a modern yacht.Watch unbeleiveable samples of modern architecture throughout the creek.I assure you, it’ll be a different experience… )

arabian nights in dubai,arabian night,desert,uae,dubai

(Arabian Nights in Dubai; Have an experience of famous Arabian night on desert in Dubai.)

amazing dubai aquarium,united arab emirates,uae,dubai,aquarium

(Dubai Aquarium; It’s absolutely amongst “must see” places in Dubai.It’s an unforgettable experience.Surely among the best of its kind in entire world.)

camels on dubai oasis beach,camels,dubai,uae,beach

(Camels on Dubai Oasis beach; Take a camel tour…)

The tallest building in the world burj dubai,burj dubai,dubai,uae

(Burj Dubai; The tallest building in the world.It’s still under construction in the Downtown Burj Dubai district of Dubai.The tallest man-made structure ever built -818 m (2,684 ft)- and also the building with most floors -160-.Construction began in September 2004 and expected to be completed in September 2009.)

More photos” time :

jumeirah beach hotel,hotel site,dubai,uae,night,city,wallpaper

(Jumeirah Beach Hotel at night, Dubai)

falcon in desert dubai,uae,desert,falcon,animal photo

(The emblem of UAE, Falcon, in desert, Dubai)

traffic on dubai streets,dubai,street,uae,traffic,boulevard

(Traffic on Dubai streets, UAE)

burj al arab hotel in dubai,burj al arab,hotel,dubai,night,uae

(Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel, UAE)

dubai streets at night,uae,united arab emirates,dubai,night

(Dubai streets at night)

dubai international airport,golden palm,uae,dubai,mall

(Golden Palm in Dubai Iternational Airport, UAE; This photo is also from my trip in August 2006)

traffic in dubai city at night,dubai,night,traffic,street,wallpaper,city

(Traffic in Dubai city at night, UAE)

Dubai is absolutely an amazing tourist destination.Enjoy your trip, friends…



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