Vacation Review La Romana, On The Way To Catalina Island

I wanted to write a separate post about La Romana, but let me mention it at the beginning here that I, unfortunately, do not know much about this province of Dominican Republic. I, in fact, only passed through while I was going from Punta Cana to Catalina Island (Isla Catalina) about which I will write two posts that are coming right after this one.

rio la romana city dominican republic
Rio Romana, or Rio Dulce, La Romana province of Dominican Republic)

I decided to create this post basically to share my pictures of the province, rather giving much details about it for vacationists. But surely, if you plan to take an excursion to Catalina Island, I think you have to come to La Romana. I am not sure if there are any other popular ports from which boats take tourists to Isla Catalina.

bridge over rio romana dominican republic
Bridge over Rio Romana river, Dominican Republic)


Rio Romana, or Rio Dulce, is the place (river) where they have Puerto La Romana (the port) where you’ll take off to Isla Catalina. The river itself has a beautiful view and did intrigue me, hence the pictures and the post basically. It is not a port only for small boat or so, there was this giant cruise ship anchored at the port (as you can see in the pictures).

sugar cane field in dominican republic
This is a sugar cane field on the way to La Romana from Punta Cana, some place closer to the destination in La Romana. I took this picture because I was told -by another tourist- that this is what they make their famous rum out of, and there is actually a big factory of rum in La Romana.)

la romana street dominican republic
A street view in La Romana province of Dominican Republic… Make a left right before that white vehicle, keep walking, and you’ll see the stairs going down to the port.)

giant cruise ship in puerto la romana dominican republic
A giant cruise ship (AIDA Bella)anchored at Puerto La Romana, Dominican Republic)


The province, La Romana, itself is situated on the southern part of of the island, hence also the country -Dominican Republic- and is right on ocean coast. You will surely see a lot of vendors trying to sell local products, souvenirs, jewelry, tobacco products etc. Remember to always negotiate! They may try to sell a pair of earrings for $40; you could end up buying it for 5-10 bucks. And I’m not sure if it’s worth even that; but be fair to the seller and to yourself both, and it’s OK if you give a couple of bucks extra for it.

beautiful house on coast rio romana dominican republic
 Couple of beautiful houses situated right at where the ocean connects with the river -Rio Dulce-. It’s right across where the cruise ship above is anchored. You’ll see it on your right side when sailing towards Isla Catalina. And you should see the island from afar when you turn around that corner.)