Punta Cana Vacation Review Presidential Suites Hotel

This is the second part of my review of Presidential Suites Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I will be sharing more pictures of the hotel, beaches, activities, restaurants etc. and also surely talk/write about them. As a reminder here on this post; I was overall very pleased with my stay in this hotel in Punta Cana.

presidential suites hotel beach punta cana
Nirvana Beach of Presidential Suites, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

Talking about being pleased or not about Presidential Suites. I’d say rather question yourself first as to what you really are expecting from your vacation. For example, I met a couple who apparently was in quite different expectations, such as a crazy crazy nightlife party with some hundreds of people, and tons of bars, clubs in the area. Well, there are nightlife places, parties, clubs, events in the area (Punta Cana) but if that’s your biggest purpose in your vacation, this probably is not the place for you.

kimonos japanese restaurant punta cana
Kimonos, Al A Carte Japanese Restaurant, Presidential Suites Hotel, Dominican Republic)

Let me give more details now. Presidential Suites itself has a small or big show every night, sure it comes with dancing, drinking, partying etc. Like one night, there was a Michael Jackson show; the kid is very talented and it was an excellent show all together with him and other members of the group (The Dangerous Jackson). This was probably the biggest night show of Presidential Suites and it really was entertaining. Sure it followed all those who wanted to dance with the group getting on the stage and dance.

girls aerobic on beach punta cana activity
(Aerobic on the beach, Presidential Suites daily activities, Punta Cana)

There are other night events in the area that you can attend. Or, there is this casino, about 20 mins away from the suites, that you could go at night. Only try and negotiate if you are going to take a cab. I talked to some guy who said he paid 25 dollars one way, and 50 in total. Well, for USA, to take a cab to a 20 mins distance, that money sounds like OK, but not for Dominican Republic. I’d imagine he could have negotiated it down to some 5-10 bucks one way.

decadence and basil tomatoes italian restaurant on beach
Decadence Buffest Style Restaurant, and Basil & Tomato Italian Restaurant buildings on the beach, Presidential Suites Hotel, Punta Cana)

And yea, by the way, there will be people coming inside the suites, by the permission of the management, selling souvenirs, jewelry, artworks, cigars etc. They have their own stand and won’t be disturbing you; well, unless you pass by the area, LOL. If you decide to buy something, DO NEGOTIATE! They may tell you it’s $70 for a pair of earrings, and that they give you discount and sell it to you for $40; well, you should see that the earrings are no where near to that price. Try and get it for 10 bucks at most. Fair to them, and fair to you.

foam party on nirvana beach punta cana
Foam party on the beach, Nirvana Beach, Presidential Suites, Punta Cana. -There standing with his black and white sptripes suit that day, Felix De La Rosa; I’d like to thank him so much for his wonderful serice. The best staff of the suites together with a couple of others about whom I will write separately-)

punta cana beach sunbed lounge presidential suites hotel
(The sunbeds, beach lounges of Presidential Suites, right next to the restaurant. And yes, you could have your meal right on the beach like that, yeap! By the way, I wasn’t too happy with their first-come-first-serve way for those sunbeds. Because looked like a lot of people would reserve the beds, sun lounges etc. from the night before by leaving their t-shirts, towels, other belongings etc. I am not sure if hotel management can do something about it, or that it’s simply because of some people’s inappropriateness, crudeness, “culturelessness”, whatever you might wanna call, it was NOT nice at all. No matter how early you wake up to go get a good spot, it was impossible.)

pirate ship on caribbean punta cana domonican republic
Pirates of The Caribbean, LOL, Well, it’s a pirate ship on the Caribbean, so, it’s not unfair to call it that. This ship seemed to be always anchored not far from Presidential suites; keep walking to the right on the beach, and you’ll see it in ten minutes or so. And if I’m not wrong, you could buy tickets and join for a party aboard.)

life and death, dry tree on beach punta cana
And my portrait of Life & Death ! That’s what I call it 🙂 Keep walking to the right along the beach from Presidential Suites, Punta Cana, you’ll see this.)

There will be cigars too that they sell, and honestly, the price they give you might as well be the same price you’d pay for those cigars if you wanted to buy them online here in the USA. They do have good quality Cuban cigars, and Dominican cigars, too, and those cigars do actually go for 50-70 dollars or more for a piece depending on the brand-name. But you are in the USA, and it is not their price in Dominican Republic. So, again, negotiate and be fair to them and to yourself, I’d say.