The World’s Best Summer Vacation Destinations in 2013

Hi fellows… It has been quite a while since I updated my blog; I guess I am starting to share more fun stuff with my followers again for a while.Well, it is another summer now and some people have already made their plans for the summer vacation, some are still awaiting for the right time, right economical state, I guess. Well, under this post, I will share the top best 2013 summer vacation destinations in the world by getting help from a browse on the net. I should specify it that it surprised me, too; I mean the list.Even though some expected countries are still on the list, there are new joiners, too. Well, it is good to have a little change every now and then.

Alright, let me leave you alone with the list 🙂

Top 10 most popular holiday destinations in 2013

Many enjoy travel have a list of dream destinations where they are at all costs ever want to pay a visit. According to Lonely Planet, these countries are the favorites for 2013 …

The absolute number one destination for next year, according to the well-known guide Sri Lanka. Followed by Montenegro and South Korea.The following countries make the list of most popular holiday destinations complete:

4. Ecuador

5. Slovakia

6. Salmon Islands

7. Iceland

8. Turkey

9. Dominican Republic

10. Malagasy ( Madagascar)

Have you ever been in one or more of the above countries or are they still on your wish list? Tell us more about it, leave your comments and let us publish it, share it with the world.


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