Top 10 budget-friendly honeymoon destinations in Europe

Top 10 budget-friendly, romantic honeymoon destinations

No wedding without honeymoon! But what if the wedding budget already spent on the festivities and that you are almost out of it? It is a matter of destiny and possibly adjust the length of the trip but to be honest: but a newlywed couple will still be looking at each other’s eyes at least half of the time, drown so into the excitement of that moment, then the destination slightly less important, but if you together … and a pool at your disposal, or a sauna, or the deep blue sea …..

If the budget for the honeymoon is not wide, it is sensible to choose a destination where your money is worth more. Generally you can assume, the more expensive the farther north in Europe you’re. You will now once more for the same money can be taken in Turkey than in Denmark (and far more sunlight). Also you must think about what you prefer during the trip and making choices. No budget for a 5 star deluxe hotel with a swimming pool by the sea? What do you think is important? The pool? The sea? Hopefully the answer to this question is not “5 stars”!

Here we tried to put 10 top economic, budget-friendly honeymoon destinations in Europe for you at a glance:

North, East

Tallinn, Estonia:
An attractive destination for lovers of romance and history. The Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel is located in the quaint old town of Tallinn is the perfect base for exploring this beautiful city.

St. Helier, Jersey:
The Channel Islands, UK, are a very nice destination (only22 milesfrom the French coast!). It is a fine destination for the couple that is looking for tranquility, nature and pristine beaches.

The Club Hotel & Spa Jersey is not the cheapest hotel in this list but they often have very interesting actions, especially out of season. Jersey is finally just as romantic as mid summer in december!

Actually, most couple would want the tranquility the most during their honeymoon; so, it’s better to get it out-season times.Then, you will easily lower the costs and find the tranquility that you might want all along your honeymoon.

The most romantic cities in Europe

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic:
Cesky Krumlov is one of the most romantic cities of Europe with its winding streets, the river, the picturesque houses and the beautifully colored castle. Hotel Seneca is budget friendly and classy. The perfect destination for the romantic soul.

South, West 

Bol, Croatia:
Villa Giardino in the town of Bol on Brac Island is a charming small hotel near the sea and the small center of the village. Brac is the island closest to the city of Split on the coast and that shows in the summer or to the amount of tourists.

Avoid, therefore, if possible during July and August and discover the incredible beauty of the Dalmatian islands. The sea is brighter than bright, nature is beautiful, the people are friendly and it’s all relatively cheap.

Ohrid, Macedonia:
Ohrid is a city located on one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe, Lake Ohrid. The old part of town is very romantic with the many beautiful orthodox churches and lake views. Both the city and the lake are covered by the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Villa Germanoff is a must during a stay in Ohrid. Cheap, clean, friendly and overlooking the lake. What more could you want?!

Matera, Italy:
Matera is a beautiful and very distinct destination in southern Italy. The region around Matera is also going very well worth exploring. It is a good destination for the curious couple.La Casadi Lucio you can enjoy in typical ancient cave dwellings, now equipped with all modern conveniences.

Ikaria, Greece:
Ikaria is one of the finest and most authentic islands of Greece. The island can easily compete with faraway paradise honeymoon resorts. White sand beaches, turquoise sea and friendly people contribute to a successful honeymoon.

Armenistis Hotel is ideally Armenizontas ago within walking distance of the beach and also budget friendly. You stay in furnished maisonettes with views of the Greek sun, privacy guaranteed.

Hollum, Ameland:
Rest, rest and more rest. At the Seahorse hotel in Hollum you will feel to be alone in the world and let that be exactly what you need to feel during a honeymoon!

Private and friendly to the wallet: spend the night in a caravan! In the courtyard of hotel Emauspoort you can stay in one of the two caravans nostalgic and authentic, “Pipo the Clown” and “Mammaloe”.

Is all the romance and tranquility nothing to you? Opt for a lively weekend in Maastricht cheerful Kruisherenhotel Lane. Something else for a slightly different set!

And finally, Turkey can be absolutely a excellent honeymoon destionation in terms of being budget-friendly.Especially if you go out-season, by the end of August- beginning of September, you may catch up with a great luxury honeymoon by paying very little.

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