Top 5 European beaches

Top 5: European beaches

The summer break again. The scoops and beach chairs can be removed out of the closet. To get in the mood for any holiday and choose from, we bring you the 5 most beautiful beaches in Europe in a row.

5. Praia Axis Catedrais, Spain (Galicia)

In Galicia is the amazing Praia Axis Catedrais in Spanish Galicia. `The beach of the Cathedrals’ owes its fame to the many beautiful arches and caves that surround the beach. The beautiful beach is very touristy and the many rare birds, like the lapwing, cormorant and the curlew, the beach that is rich, makes a visit worthwhile. Hotel tip: Four star hotel Parador de Ribadeo, bookable from 80 euros per night through

4. Palombaggia, France (Corsica)

The beautiful Corsica is one of the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. South of Porto Vecchio is the beach of Santa Giulia. By crystal clear water and beautiful white sand beach is a unique appearance in Corsica. The many rocks that surround the bay contribute to the beautiful picture. Although quite a lot of tourism in the turn of the beach, it is relatively quiet. For great views you need in the nearby island of Iles de Cerbicale are.

Hotel tip: Four stars Hotel Palombaggia, bookable from 120 euros per night through venere.

3. Balos, Greece (Crete)

In the northwest of Crete, one finds the uninhabited peninsula Gramvousa. This peninsula is the pristine nature of the deserted bay of Balos. This beautiful place is only through unpaved roads and rock climbs to be found and so utterly devoid by tourism. Hotels and hostels are hard to find. While you are in peace enjoying the beautiful surroundings, you find yourself on a deserted island somewhere in the pacific ocean.

Hotel tip: Balos Beach Hotel, a charming hotel near the beach. Bookable from 80 euros per night through

2. Tsambika Beach, Greece (Rhodes)

Tsambika Beach is a 800 meter long beach on Rhodes and is especially notable for its massive mountain scenery and untouched nature. The stand is surrounded by huge rock formations and is fortunately spared from mass tourism. This is a unique beach in Rhodes. By its nature it is a pristine beach frequented by locals. The oasis of calm in the bay above the pilgrimage church Kyra Tsambika is breathtaking, the view is something never to forget.

Hotel tip: Panorama, a very cozy B & B, with very good prices. Bookable from 30 euros per night on Expedia.

1. Playa Jandia, Spain (Fuerteventura)

Jandia is the peninsula south of Fuerteventura and has two beautiful white sand beaches. For the entire place is the Matorral beach, consisting of fine sand. On this beach is a lighthouse. The sea floor slopes gradually. And there is a sandbank, which is clearly visible at low tide. The other beach is Esquinzo beach, consisting of pebbles and sand. The wind constantly blowing trade winds provide pleasant cooling during the many hot days in summer. The Matorral position is very attractive for wind-surfers and Kyte.

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