Top 10 Best Mediterranean Islands: Part 2

The popular holiday island has an area of  3680 square kilometers, making it the largest of the Balearic Islands. And it has more to offer than the Bravo and the tourism developed coastal regions. The interior is largely untouched and it has beautiful landscapes and traditional Mallorcan villages. But also the capital Palma is not only attractive because of its night life, but also captivates with a historic old town.
Sardinia is 24000 km ² with the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Here you will find numerous nature reserves and the well-known Italian rock the elephant rock.

The word lesbian is derived from the name of the island. This reference comes from the poems of Sappho of Lesbos, where love between women has been sung. With 1636 km ², it is holding the third largest of the Greek islands, tourism has so far limited, so that while there are some resorts, but due to the vastness of the island individuals are still at their expense.
Rhodes has an area of 1,398 square kilometers, and is a very diverse island. Rhodes has two faces, the touristic north, vast pine forests in the middle of the island and the tranquil island of the South, where life is still mostly untouched by tourism, its course.

Also Chios is a tourist destination with its 842 square kilometer or a “blank sheet”, even if it has a lot to offer: the center of the island partly forested, partly barren stone desert to the east coast of the lively capital of the island with shops and cafes and a few miles south of the fertile Kamposebene . It was not called in ancient times the “island of the blessed. “

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