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Easter 2016 is around the corner — Sunday, March 27 — only a few days ahead. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it. Wish you all very warm holiday time with your friends, family, and loved ones. I have created some Easter greeting cards for you all. Hope you enjoy them. And since we are at that, we could also talk a little about some interesting facts about Easter, and what it is all about.

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Easter is one of Christian holidays — it is one that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus. Easter is celebrated in different days by Eastern and Western Christians. And it is because Eastern Christian tradition bases it on Julian Calendar. The date is moveable, because it depends on the phases of the moon.

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Eggs are the ancient symbol or fertility, birth, hence the resurrection of Christ. And Spring also has similar associations — resurrection of nature, fertility, birth etc.

It is a sort of tradition observed by many Americans that it is the ears of chocolate bunny that should be eaten first.

Easter is celebrated after a 40-day period which is called Lent. Lent is a sort of fasting. And during this time, those who observe it, give up on one (or, possibly several) indulgences that they have — eating, drinking, doing certain things etc.

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Special Easter flower is white lily. And it is also because this flower symbolizes resurrection.

The egg painting in Easter — this traditional act is called Pysanka.

Pretzels were once among the symbols of Easter. Because the twist in its structure resembles arms crossing during prayers.

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After Halloween, Easter is the biggest event in which so much chocolate is consumed.

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Easter is the oldest Christian holiday.

Happy Easter to you all!

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