Playa Del Carmen Cancun Cozumel Vacation Review, Attractions, Maps

Hi there, people! You are not fed up with my Mexico posts yet, are you ? šŸ™‚ Well, the more the better, I think. But this post will be the last of my Mexico vacation review posts. At least for now! If I go there again, I might come back with a lot more, huh! Sure, why not. Well, let’s get to the topic. Today, I will share touristic maps of Playa del Carmen and Cancun; and of course, the major touristic places in the area, which is Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.


I am sharing these maps because whenever I’d like to visit some place for the first time, I go and search for a map that is specifically designed for tourists and can not find it most of the time. Google map is fine in general but for this specific issue, I think I could make a use of specific map better.

(A very detailed map that shows attraction points of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya. I just put them all together in one picture; might prove better use this way)

So, I will share them for you but they are actually the pictures that I took with my camera from the necessary fliers when I was in Mexico. I mean, it will work for the basic purpose and give you an overall good idea and sense of directions when you are there. You could simply save them in your laptop, smartphone or Ipad kinda gadget and make a use of it.

(Yucatan Peninsula touristic map; besides the coast line, you can also see historical attraction points of Yucatan, Mexico on this map. Places like Ek’Balam, Chichen Itza, Coba, Tulum etc.)

They are all big size photos, so don’t be decieved with what you see at first sight; click on the pictures and you will view it in its original size. Or simply, right click and save it, you will get the original size picture in your pc or gadget or whatever.

These are not just maps to show you directions; you will find the most popular tourist attraction locations on the map, specified with their names. And if you want to get more info about those places, check out my Mexico vacation reviews; the post titles should give you the idea what it is about.

(This one is not a map. It is a piece of the flier for Xoximilco! I didn’t write about it in my previous posts because I didn’t visit this place but it looked pretty impressive so I wanted to share this piece in-case somebody out there might need a peek before visiting this place.)

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