Top List of Mlian Tourist Attractions

Top 5 Things & Tourist Attractions of Milan

Milan. The city of fashion and business. Busy businessmen and people in designer clothes are the streets of this city. Milan is a great city to go shopping, all major fashion brands have been around here, and every year, the town is flooded with shoppers who are looking for these brands. In the top 5 in some places that are definitely worth it when you most fashionable city.

5. The Cathedral

The Milan Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in the world and one of the most popular attractions of Milan. The church itself is beautiful, but the roof is worth.

There is about six centuries to build the Cathedral of Milan. Construction started in 1386, but the bronze doors of the main entrance of the church marking are placed only in the twentieth century. The Cathedral is beautiful to see, both inside and outside.

The roof is either on foot (the staircase has approximately 500 steps) and with the elevator. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over Milan. That is to say, if air does not obstruct the view.

4. Monumental Cemetery

Cemeteries visit a little macabre? Oh no. The Cimitero Monumental in Milan is an attraction in itself.

North of the center of Milan you will find a beautiful cemetery: the Cimitero Monumental. This cemetery was designed by Carlo Maciachini and is a must see for architecture enthusiasts. When the Cimitero opened in 1866, it quickly became apparent that many people saw it as a privilege to be buried here. You will find a lot of monumental tombs, Greek temples, obelisks, etc..

3. San Siro Stadium

Football fans should not miss the San Siro Stadium. This stadium is home to AC Milan, but also rival Inter Milan.

Although the stadium since 1926 in this place is, it is only since 1990 break: in that year were the last ring and the roof added. There is now compatible with more than 85,000 spectators in the stadium. In competitions of one of the two clubs is the home stadium to the brim.

There are organized tours of the stadium. If you participate in such a tour, do you include in the dressing rooms, players tunnel and the field. The tours end in the museum, where you also can go to a tour without having to take part.

2. Pirelli skyscraper

Near the station are the Pirelli building, the tallest skyscraper in Milan. This 127 meters high tower is a symbol for the reconstruction of postwar Milan. Until the sixties, this was the largest reinforced concrete skyscraper built in the world. It was also the first Milanese building above the Madonna of the Duomo sticking. The building stands on the spot where Giovan Battista Pirelli factory in 1872 founded his first band.

1. Brera Palace

The Brera is a 17th-century Jesuit palace, not far from the Sforzesco castle lies. Here you will find the Pinacoteca di Brera, one of Italy’s leading art museums. Not many museums can boast such a large collection of classic Italian painters. Here you can include masterpieces by Bellini, Titian, Bramante, Caravaggio, Raphael and Correggio.

Foreign artists are well represented here, with paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck, Rembrandt and El Greco. In the courtyard of the museum you can see a bronze statue of Napoleon. He made a national gallery of the Brera.

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