A Brief Vist to The Oldest Capital of Europe, Athens

Top 5 Things & Most popular Tourist Attractions in Athens

Athens is the oldest capital of Europe. 2300 years ago as the first stones were laid. At that time, the western European art and philosophy. Besides an interesting and unique history, Athens is a beautiful and beloved metropolis. Of the downsides that many people formerly of restrained (the huge smog in the summer, the chaos in traffic, outdated hotels) are now gone, thanks to the 2004 Olympics. In this article a Top 5 landmarks that now are worth a visit.

5. National Gardens

The National Gardens are 15 acres and are located behind the parliament building. These gardens, which once belonged to the royal family, were designed by Queen Amalia and her German gardener Schmidt. For the garden, hundreds of species of plants imported. Furthermore, a duck pond in the garden, a botanical museum and a small zoo to find. These gardens are especially ideal place to relax after the bustle of the city. They are also open all day for the public.

4. National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery in Athens is dedicated to the Greek and European art from the 14th to the 20th century. In 1900 the museum opened its doors, and today contains an extensive collection of Greek post-Byzantine art. The European Renaissance art occupies an important place. Here are works by El Creco, Braque, Picasso, Rembrandt and Mondrian to behold.

3. National Archaeological Museum

In the archaeological museum are all finds from prehistory to late antiquity brought together in 60 rooms on two floors. Together with the British Museum This museum is considered one of the finest in the world. Among the highlights of the museum include the frescoes of houses on Thira. Also found in Mycenae treasure with the death mask of Agamemnon has a high cultural value.

2. Lykavittos hill

Unlike Acropolis, on a hill 156 meters high, the Lykavittos hill less than 277 meters high. The mountain is located in the sea of ​​houses of Athens and is within walking distance (a steep climb!). Less active people can also just take the funicular. According to legend, the goddess Athena created the hill when she dropped a large rock that was intended for the Acropolis. Especially if the weather is clear, this hill is well worth a visit.

1. Acropolis

Acropolis, Greek for ‘upper’ know most people do. There are almost no places in the heart of the city where the temples are not visible. This is because the mountain on which the temples, the old heart of the city stands. When you visit the mountain you walk through the monumental gate of the propylene, which was once the painting gallery was decorated. One of the three temples, the smallest, has completely disappeared. It is doing this completely rebuild.

The most impressive temple is the Parthenon. It was once the gold and ivory statue of the city goddess Athena. All lines of this building look exactly horizontally and vertically through the optical illusion that the designers have brought it. A beautiful landmark, especially at night when lit!

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