Complete India Tourist Guide; From A to Z

India A to Z
Bollywood, Rupee and Taj Mahal. These are but a Couple of Words come to mind When you think of India. The rest outcall YOU said in India Full-alphabet.

The Ajanta Caves
The town of Ajanta, the AT in the river over the years a deep gorge, formed in the shape of a horseshoe-. In total, 29 caves in the wall re Genesis. His long time this remained hidden caves, to the 19th Century they discovered Coincidence franchise. From research has shown that the ZE-about 2,400 years old. The caves are still horses on display, well laid out so even kick them more accessible to the public.

B of Bollywood
Bollywood is the nickname for the Hindi film industry in Bombay. The films are usually spoken in Hindi. Today Joined usual English subtitles. The films are musicals die Vibrant Ageless Love stories over and Unrest. Not just in India but also outside India, this film is very popular.

C of culture shock
IF your first time traveling to India, you have to take A-satisfied culture shock. Prepare well in here. Do you say off, it is possible that the JE-shocked by the crowds in the streets, poverty and the many smells and sounds.

D Delhi
The City of Delhi has nearly 12 million inhabitants and is the third largest city of India. The City has two visitors Parts, Old Delhi and New Delhi. In Old Delhi there are numerous mosques, monuments and forts related to the period, the capital of the Muslim empire.

Some must-see sights die in Old Delhi:

• The largest mosque in India, the Juma Masjid
• The magnificent Red Fort, the Mughal era visitors
• The Raj Ghat where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated
New Delhi, the Imperial City, founded the English door. New Delhi is Spacious, open and find you have many embassies and government buildings. Around Connaught Place, the shopping paradise of JE outcall Delhi. When shopping, then do not forget to bargain over the price.

E Ellora
Ellora’s AN-old village, which is famous for its beautiful rock architecture consisting of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain cave temples and monasteries built between the 6th and the 10th AD. The fact that this Three Different religions temples and monasteries of this is related A-expression of the predominantly religious tolerance. The Ellora caves were declared a UNESCO World Heritage door.

Tip! The Ellora Caves are located close to the Ajanta caves, it is therefore a convenient, on both our caves to combine.

F Fatehpur Sikri
Near the city of Agra is the town of Fatehpur Sikri. It’s A Beautiful Deserted town-meets-A history. The City in the 16th century, Akbar the Great built door. HE said deed in honor of Saint-A, because the Holy predicted that HE-Three sons. It’s A-Town and ceremonial Very Unique in its design and architecture. In the city are several impressive buildings, such as the ibadat Khanna (House of Worship) where religious dialogues held franchise ..

G Gandhi
Gandhi was an Indian-politician. His nickname Manhatma means ‘Great Soul’. He is considered the father of modern India and the Indian People. In India, the leader in the Indian independence struggle. Gandhi-A of the founders of modern India and proponent of the State Active nonviolence as central for Revolution. In 1948 he was murdered-door A Hindu extremist.

H Himalayas
A Himalayan mountain range that extends over the northern part of India. Many of the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga, belong to the Himalayas.

I Indus
The Indus is the principal river of Pakistan and 2,880 km long. The river rises in Tibet, flows from the Himalayas in north Kashmir ONE-door en door, then turns south and flows nearly heel Pakistan.

J Jaisalmer
A fairy-fort Jaisalmer is well into the distant desert. AS A-Town on the diving mirage in the desert. Door Strolling the narrow streets of the fort on the city walls, feels like giving you a fairy-in 1001-night visitors bent Beland. This romantic and exciting city is also called the ‘Golden City’ because of the honey-colored buildings and the sun shining above re dying state. They are also far from Jaisalmer Desert safaris organized.

K Kushinagara
Kushinagara is One of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites Four. The town is famous as the place where Buddha died and was cremated. From the 13th to the 19th century was Kushinagara A-Abandoned and Forgotten Place, due to the near disappearance of Buddhism in India. The temple was covered Buddha attained A-fittest Low and Mid-A delay in the forest. Now you can see the beautiful ruins, temples and stupas visited.

L of Spring Festival
Basanta Panchami and Holi are the main spring festivals. They are celebrated in February and March. Houses are cleaned and on the eve of Holi re Fires Are Made for The Road to New Year’s Burning and The New Year’s Eve. Children Playing colored powder and water met. Are they on our time with family and running the door Streets, while passersby met sprinkle the colored mixture. It was around noon and the party is over Dominated um absolute silence.
The Largest Mosque in India
M of Mughlai dishes
The superb Mughlai dishes on the menu of the main restaurants in the Big Cities. This dishes are always served met Delicious Sauces Made of Milk, Dahi, cream and ground nuts. Some Famous Dishes:

• Creamy Korma’s, A steak on the Malše pasinda like in A-almond sauce.
• Nargisi KOF ta, chopped meat met A-boiled egg filling IF THAT, in spicy sauce served.
• The famous do pyaza met onions.
• Juicy Raan, sheep meat.

N Nangka
Jack fruit of the jackfruit is ONE-TO thirty meters high evergreen tree originated in India will die. The tree has Huge Fruit, dying at the trunk of the tree. It’s A Sweet Exotic fruit-die in the shop for sale. Young unripe jack fruit is used as a vegetable. The fruit is often Canned Sold. ALSO exist re chips and ice cream, made of die jack fruit.

O of Thanksgiving
In northern India the sugarcane harvest takes place in January. In honor of this is the Lohri festival celebrated on January 13. It is a happy-thanksgiving for the gifts of Nature. There is music created and sung ah Are delicacies eaten, death of the new sugar and sesame seeds are made.

P Pamir
A is the Pamir mountain range in India. The highest mountain in the chain Ismail Samani Peak, the die in the period from 1932 TOT 1962 Was named the Stalin Peak. The Pamir is covered throughout the year and has complied with snow long, cold winters and short, cool summers.

Q of Qutab Minar Tower
Qutab Minar is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in India. The tower is located in the city of Delhi and is the most important attraction. The tower is 72.5 meters high and the highest stone tower in India. The Qutab Minar tower was used as victory tower door Founded Qutab-u-Din after the fall of the last Hindu kingdom. The tower has five floors, elk met A-Balcony. At the foot of the tower is the first mosque built in India.

R Rupee
National currency of India is the Rupee, and is divided into 100 Paisa. There are notes of Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500. Coins in his re Different units. A euro is around 70 Rupees (2008). It is forbidden to enter the country rupees. Export is only allowed to travel if you go through Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

S Sport
The official national sport of India is hockey, cricket, BUT the most popular sport in India. It is currently popular that it is a India’s fastest-growing industries. Other popular sports include tennis and chess. The sports polo and badminton tribes also from India.

T Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal is A Temple died in the 17th Century was built. The temple is located in the city of Agra, and was commissioned by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan Jahan built. The temple served as a tomb for his chief wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Later, his body buried in it. The Taj Mahal is A-of the Seven Wonders.

U of Udaipur
Udaipur is a medieval town-meeting breathtaking mountain peaks, the Lake Pichola, fairytale palaces and numerous streets, markets, temples and palaces. The City is also known as Little Venice. The area is very nice, so a, bicycle rental of scooters to the villages met old crafts (weaving, tile makers, dance and singing) to explore.

V for Victoria Memorial
The Victoria Memorial in Calcutta is the place where Western and Eastern architecture merge. The idea for saying Massive Marble Museum came from Lord Cuzon. The museum tells the story of British rule in India. Was it in 1921, opened to the public.

W Weather
Weather in India is mainly determined Door Dry Northeast Monsoon and Southwest Monsoon Wet, die every year in two seasons disintegrate. The former in the cold season and the hot season. War in the rainy season and the season of retreating monsoon. Cold Is the season in January and February and is characterized door dry, sunny and cool weather, met generally low wind.

X Fa Xian
Fa Xian, was a Chinese monk, a Buddhist monk, dying in about 337-422 A-Expanded pilgrimage to See all Holy Places of the Buddha in India and there was A description of failed.

Y Yoga
Yoga , a dying sport in India is traditionally practiced word. Yoga means connection, eg connection of mind and body, male and female, light and dark, life and death. The aim of yoga is to restore harmony between this extremes.

Z of Sun Temple
Place in the Sun Temple Konarak State, which formerly known as the Black Pagoda. Sailors feared this black temple because HE Dark forces have died enchanted boat. A thrilling tale-like temple has also been. The entire structure is in the form of a giant sun-chariot. The solar car door, pulled seven horses and 24 wheels Time symbolize death. Every day the sun casts its rays on the Sun Temple. The rest of the day revolves around the temple and HE says in three phases; YOU discover the meaning of the morning, afternoon and evening sun.

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