Top 5 Best Tourist Attractions of Sydney

Meet the attractive Sydney
Are you looking for the best city in the world? 21,000 km journey, and your plane will land in Sydney. The long flight you need to prepare, because the city, with its beautiful sights, slurping energy! Prepare for district and especially not for this Australian city.
Sydney city lights at night

Sydney around 1901 began to emerge as true to the immense attraction of Australia. Over a century later, living more than 4 million people, including many (Dutch) immigrants. The inhabitants are quite relaxed, as the atmosphere in a busy city significantly improved. Even the sun helps to that atmosphere, it seems to eight months a year. And to complete the look, Sydney is usually named ‘most attractive city in the world “. What more could you want?

To give you a look into one of the nicest cities in the world, we have the five best sights of Sydney for your selection (including the activities around it).

1. Opera House
Sydney’s Opera House is probably the most visited attraction in the city, thanks to its superb location and artistic appearance. The building stands on the tip of the port, making it a view over the adjacent river. From the river the boat can sail-like roof forms of the Opera House observed. These were designed by architect Jørn Utzon in 1957. He did this in collaboration with Hall, Todd and Littlemore, who work completers in 1973.

The majority of visitors view it from outside Sydney Opera House. Inside, the performances of ballet, opera and symphonies. Interested in one of the performances? Look for the program and prices

opera house view from harbour bridge sydney

2. Harbour Bridge
The use of steel, armed towers and double locks, the Harbour Bridge in 1932 (the year in which the bridge was finished), one of the most modern bridges in the world. Today it is one of the most visited bridges in the world.

Several boat trips are organized on the river that runs under the bridge. Who does not enjoy a sunny cruise?

Recommended! Sport is your favorite pastime? Climb with a guide on the Harbour Bridge! It is a 3.5 hour ride. On the edge of the bridge you will be rewarded, here awaits a stunning views of Sydney.

3. Botanical Gardens
Imagine: you are alone and abandoned in a big city. Suddenly you see big trees full of green leaves, tropical birds in the brightest colors and bats fluttering around. There is a comfortable temperature and slowly coming tropical plants, ferns and flowing creeks closer. You have arrived at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are a short distance from attractions like the Harbour Bridge and are therefore easy to find. Already in 1831 the Botanical Gardens are open to the public after the colonial period gradually faded. Today, the gardens can be visited daily. A nice extra: admission is free.

4. Sun and surf at Bondi Beach
Not many cities offer culture and beaches, Sydney is. Bondi Beach is approximately 30 minutes from downtown. In the Netherlands you are, maybe in another city, Sydney is still your heart! Surfers can find their needs fulfilled, because there are plenty of waves.

The Australian summer attracts both migrants and immigrants to Bondi Beach, you know where to look!

5. Treasure of a port
Young and old enjoy themselves in the former dock ships, Darling Harbour. There are now conferences and exhibitions held data, a fun attraction for the elderly. Also for kids are organized around the harbor.

There are several parks around the old wharf. One is Chinese Garden, a lovely place to unwind after visiting the busier downtown.

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