What Is Travel Insurance & What Kind Of Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance and What Kind Of Travel Insurance Are There ?
Under the name of several insurance, travel insurance products, are combined; the most important thereof are the trip cancellation insurance, travel insurance and baggage insurance. In addition, include insurance companies such as travel accident insurance, trip cancellation insurance or travel insurance legal expenses in the group of travel insurance. Travel insurance generally have the function of the traveler at an additional cost before, during and after a trip to hedge. This may include travel insurance as an individual insurance or a combination of insurance packages from several blocks and either in terms of a trip or annual insurance policy to be completed.
If travel insurance policy in relation to a particular voyage, the conclusion of the insurance is in most cases together with the booking or within a specified period after the booking. Trip Cancellation insurance provides then a benefit if the planned trip can be started, with reasons for this can be for example an accident, illness, unemployment or the entry of other personal circumstances. In this instance, the insurance benefit from the reimbursement of the usually very high cancellation fee, the premium amount for the trip cancellation insurance is the price of the tour. In addition to this, a trip interruption insurance will be completed. This comes into play if the proposed trip must be aborted, for example, because the insured person falls ill themselves or a close relative or another serious reason to be out that the insured must immediately return home.
The insurance benefit is the one in the acquisition of the additional costs caused by the premature departure, and the other in the refund of the remaining residual value of the trip. Using a travel insurance is secured to the event that the policyholder to visit during his trip visit a doctor on it and that travel health insurance can usually be further expanded to a travel accident insurance, which made effective if the insured suffers during his trip to an accident. The object of the baggage insurance is to protect the own luggage and other personal items that the passenger had to be, against loss, damage or destruction, the performance of the insurance provides for the compensation of financial loss. Not always it is absolutely necessary to take out separate travel insurance, because often it is possible to expand existing insurance policies to the insurance cover when abroad.
Thus in some insurers such as the possibility of a foreign law enforcement in an existing legal expenses insurance, the insurance cover when driving abroad in an existing car insurance or accident protection, even when abroad in an existing accident insurance to be integrated.

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