British Virgin Islands of Caribbean: Part 1

The British Virgin Islands were not discovered by mass tourism, making her name as a holiday resort virgin credit. The mainly volcanic in sapphire blue waters surrounding islands with gorgeous scenery and attractive marine life are a paradise for sailors. Gentle breezes keep the temperatures stable at 26-30 degrees. Here are to be found with the best sailing conditions in the Caribbean.

The islands offer miles of pristine white sand beaches. The most famous beach at The Baths is the third largest island of Virgin Gorda. He was named after the huge, naturally formed granite boulders forming sculptures, which probably would have even a Henry Moore proud.

Living on the BVI’s is relaxed and cheerful, with some British formalities in terms of dignity and manners have been retained. There is little crime. Too much skin should not be shown, and visitors are asked to respect the wishes of the inhabitants, by dressing appropriately in the city, in restaurants and bars.

In the BVI’s, there are no casinos or high-rise fortresses and a few night clubs and discotheques. Fresh air and water are the main activities, so that early to go to bed and getting up early is more common than the night for dancing in a disco. There remains a lot of time, the “little secrets of nature” to discover.

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