Six Flags Great Adventures & New Jersey

Six Flags Great Adventures, the largest amuement / theme park offered by one of the most succesful theme / amusement park company -Six Flags- in the United States.It’s located in New Jersey (see the exact adress and phone number below).It’s amongst the best amusement parks in entire world.The rides and attractions are kind of “you could never imagine”.Full adrenaline, full excitement…

six flags great adventure entrance,USA amusement parks,new jersey

I will tell you about my experiences with the craziest rides of this amazing park.Ther’ll begood quality photos many of which are “first time on the net” and from my and my friends’ objectives during the day of Great Adventures.You’ll feel it’ll be an amazing day right after passing through the main gate.And then,  the real adventure with full adrenalin starts and runs throughout the day.It’s still an amazing place even if you are not after thrill and crazy roller coasters.The environment you’ll find inside is pretty good.The Dream Street Skyway, the Big Wheel, Fantasy Fling, Jolly Roger, and Spongebob Squarepants 3D are the  family favorites at Six Flags Great Adventure or like commonly known as Six Flags New Jersey.And for thrill-seekers; Kingda Ka (which is the tallest roller coaster in the world), El Toro, Nitro, Superman Ultimate Flight, Bizarro are amongst the adrenalin highlights of the theme park.

six flags great adventure,nitro and batman rides,new-jersey,USA theme parks

(Nitro and Batman Rides, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

Let me warn you about something; separate admission is required for Hurricane Harbor and Wild Safari which are “must see” places.Reduced price is available for children who are under 54″. 3 years old and under are free.

six flags great adventure wild life,six flags great adventure,tiger,new jersey

(A tiger in Wild Life, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, USA)

Discounts for the tickets are available throughout the season.Check Six Flags web site for it.Not only for discounts but also to see the activities, shows and other special offers on the date of your visit to the amusement park.

Best Rides in Six Flags NewJersey -or- Six Flags Great Adventure

Kingda Ka, the thrill machine, is the tallest roller coaster in the world with its 456-feet height and has speed records with its 128 mph speed (Ride Time=50.6s).It’s the fastest roller coaster and of course an exhilarating , “must ride” one.Superman Ultimate Flight is ideally suited for flying concept, it will give you the crazy feeling of flying (Ride Time=2m, 6s).El Toro is absolutely a must ride for coaster fans it will totally be  charged and exhilarating ride to the end(Ride Time=1m, 42s).And the Nitro and Batman are also amongst “must ride”; with their high speed, height and airtime features…

Now it’s more photos time for Six Flags New Jersey (or Great Adventure).Enjoy the photos:

six flags adventures roller coaster,Kingda Ka,the tallest roller coaster,new jersey

(And this is the Great Kingda Ka, The Tallest Roller Coaster in the World, Must experince it, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

el toro ride,six flags great adventure,new jersey,amusement park,USA

(El Toro, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

six flags great adventures,tweety,bugs bunny,cartoon heros,theme park,USA

(Show of Cartoon Heros in Six Flags New Jersey, kids will love it, USA)

six flags great adventure,six flags,new jersey,water park,USA

(Crazy Water Park Rides, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

six flags great adventure map,six flags,new jersey,amusement park,USA

(Map of Six Flags New Jersey, USA -Right click and save it to your PC to see it larger-)

six flags great adventure,dolphin show,water park,new jersey,USA

(Amazing Dolphin Show, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

six flags great adventures,six flags,new jersey,top thrill dragster,USA

(A thril machine roller coaster, Six Flags New Jersey, USA)

six flags great adventure el toro ride,six flags great adventure,el toro,them park,coaster,newjersey

(El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, USA )

It’ll be an excellent day in one of the best theme parks of the world.Enjoy your trip, have fun in Six Flags New Jersey, USA.


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