Everyday Life in Tokyo; Strolling the Streets of the City

Hello again! Well, this one is the second part of our virtual tour of Tokyo, Japan. I have just published the first one and shared ten pictures — those who are interested could see the previous post, the one right before this. So, again, I will not pretend as though I know enough to write about the city. And again, these photos are taken by a dear friend of mine. Since he graciously agreed to share, I will be posting them here for you all, as well.

japanese garden pictures tokyo

They are all pictures of Tokyo — unedited, uncut, raw material showing the everyday lives of people, streets, and surely also touristic places. As for me, I really love seeing a foreign city through the eye of a visitor who is also interested in the city itself in its everyday conditions, rather than all made up unrealistic facades that are made popular. Yes, I understand there is a value and truth to that, as well, but it is not the truth — it is not the whole truth.

owl police station in tokyo
(That owl-like looking building over there — it is a police stations. Yes, a police station! I was pretty surprised, too.)

tokyo river missle like boat
(Look at that boat on the river — looks like a freaking missile 😀 It would have been awesome to take a ride on it.)

tokyo corner store shop
(Streets of Tokyo, Japan — a corner (or, convenience) store )

real sumo wrestling match tokyo japan
(And yes, that is a real Sumo Wrestling match! I hear these guys are very respected in Japan. And if I am not wrong, you can be granted citizenship in Japan, as a foreigner, if you decide to become a sumo wrestler. Well, yea, you will have to put on a couple hundred pounds for that.)

tokyo skyline japan at night

Already, let me just shut up and let you guys enjoy the photos. I hope you will like your virtual tour of Tokyo through these photos as much as I did.

tokyo skyline cloudy day
(Another shot of Tokyo skyline on a cloudy day — there was one more in the previous post.)

tokyo convenience store at night
(Colorful entrance of a restaurant on the street — Tokyo, Japan)

strolling the sreets of tokyo during the day
(Strolling the streets of Tokyo — Everyday lives of Tokyonian people. Tokyonian? Is that a word? That’s how we should call them? Probably something like that. Anyways… Can’t be Tokyoer, right? Sorry, I digress, back to the pictures and our walk…)

tokyo streets at night japan
(Whatever this tower is, my friend must have loved the view. He took lots of pictures of this tower. And I am picking that brings the patched, rough streets of Tokyo and the tower together)

tokyo streets japan
(Another shot of the streets of Tokyo)

tokyo hotel room picture
(Alright! If you all are tired by now from walking around the city. Here is your room. Get some sleep! Is that one of his socks down the right corner? 😀 Sorry, I didn’t see that one, haha. Well, that’s fine. Stuff happens! )

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