Dominican Republic Punta Cana Presidential Suites Vacation Review

Hello there, my dear followers! Well, those who have reviewed my last posts know that I had promised to write about Dominican Republic and share pictures. Yeap! I’ve come back from the vacation, and as expected, I have got a lot of beautiful shots. I am not a professional photographer, keep that in mind, and I don’t have a professional camera, either. But then again, I think I have good photos.

presidential suites beach from the ocean
(Presidential Suites, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)


Anyways, since I stayed in Punta Cana, Presidential Suites, I am writing about it under this post. I will probably write two or three posts only about this area and then will write a couple of more posts for other places have been to, excursions I’ve gone to.

las galeras dominican republic from airplane
Las Galeras, Dominican Republic from airplane)

Let me say it at the beginning now; overall, I was really pleased with my stay in Presidential Suites, it is a very nice place. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t have any critics or that it is the best place for everyone. Because I’ve talked to other people, too, and there were people who weren’t to share my excitement about the whole place.

sun bed lounge beach palm tree ocean punta cana
Nirvana Beach of Presidential Suites; sunbed, palm tree, beach and ocean)

But don’t forget, if you find what you are looking for in a hotel, you will love it, if not, you won’t; it is that simple. It is mostly subjective. So, pay attention to what the hotel and the area it’s located are offering, rather than people’s subjective opinions about them whether the love it or hate it.

punta cana presidential suites swimming pool
Presidential Suites Hotel in Punta Cana; pool and suites area)

Presidential Suites have very nice rooms; or, I should call it -as it is in its name-, they are rather suites having living room, kitchen and appliances, bedroom, likely to have at least one and a half bathroom -one of which is with a bathtub-, a small room for ironing with iron and ironing-table, two TVs -one in bedroom-, and a balcony. Rooms/suites have air conditioning and are beautifully furnished.

sea sand sun bed book hat punta cana

Their beach is really beautiful! I took long walks towards right and left of the beach, that’s called Nirvana Beach, and saw beaches of other hotels in the area, too. I am not gonna say Nirvana Beach -of Presidential Suites- is the best in the area, but it definitely is one among the best. And there are others that did not seem in no way appealing to me, honestly.

Besides the beach and ocean; they have two beautiful pools, around which there are beds, sunbeds, lounge chairs etc. where you could sit, law down and your drinks and/or snacks will be served to you. There are people who don’t particularly enjoy the salty water or those who want to take a break from it, that would be the place for you.

spirits bar on nirvana beach punta cana
Spirits Bar in Presidential Suites All Inclusive Resorts, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)

Uhmm, that should do for the first post, and I will continue my review of Presidental Suites of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in my next post sharing more pictures, as well.