Kukulkan Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid Secrets and Equinox Review – 2

Hello everyone! Yep, I am still posting my review about my vacation to Mexico. It’s been quite a few posts about it but hey, there is a lot to tell about it and I would like to share almost every detail as I can remember. And of course the photos of all those amazing places. I am not a professional photographer but I think my photos are not bad at all. Let’s get to Kukulkan, Chichen Itza…

Anyways, so, one of my biggest concern, when I was on the way to Chichen Itza, that if I was gonna be able to climb on El Castillo Pyramid, or if tourists were allowed to see inside those buildings. I see people looking for the answer of such questions as “Can I visit inside the pyramid in Chichen Itza”.

Well, that is very unfortunate! Right now, tourists are not allowed to visit inside the pyramid nor inside any other building in Chichen Itza. I say “right now” because tourists used to be allowed there and guess what happened? Some tourists went inside those buildings and started scratching their names, their girlfriend’s names and etc. all over the walls.

(This is taking at the beginning of spring equinox effect on El Castillo)

I am sure worse things than some people scratching, writing on the walls happened in there because almost in all ancient places that I visited, no matter what country it is in, no matter what nationality people visit those sites, I came across that kind of interesting stuff. Some can say it is about the education level of a country or whatever but I am pretty sure it was not a Mayan or Mexican person who wrote stuff like “John was here”, “I love you, Mary” etc.

So, long story short, unfortunately right now the tourists are not allow to visit inside those buildings; not only going inside, but also you can not really come close enough to touch many of those buildings. There are ropes all around the buildings. That’s quite disappointing, but I think they do the right thing to preserve that ancient place and the buildings. Either we all are gonna learn how to behave and be civil, or we all are gonna loose the chance of enjoying that kind of experience.

Well, I guess, enough said that issue. So, let me share one more interesting thing, and some might consider it as a “secret” of ancient Mayan pyramid. At El Castillo pyramid location, if you clap your hands, and I am sure the same thing applies to all other kinda sounds, the pyramid reflects the sound right after you.

Tourist guides take their group right before the stairs of El Castillo and they all start clapping their hands all together, and receive the reflection of the sound back from the top of the pyramid. Ancient Mayans somehow used this also as a communicating tool.

Visiting Chichen Itza was right before the last day of my vacation in Mexico. So, here are a couple of photos of cloud from airplane. I am thinking to write one more post about overall a vacation in Mexico, though, we’ll see. Here are the photos:

(From the plane, back to home…)

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