Cyprus Tourism; Cultural Richness and Diversity

The cultural richness of Cyprus
In ancient times Cyprus was known already to be found. Through the centuries, many people visited Cyprus and their traces, such as remains of prehistoric settlements, mosaic floors, excavations and amphitheaters.

Byzantium arts in Cyprus

Go back to prehistoric times with a visit to Choirokoita, one of the best preserved sites of a prehistoric settlement east of the Mediterranean was found. The renovated round houses give a vivid picture of the earliest life on Earth, long before the current civilization.

Floor Mosaics
Are you more interested in Greek and Roman times? Admire in the center of Pafos the remains of magnificent floor mosaics in Roman villas. This mosaic image scenes from Greek mythology and are probably the finest in the eastern Mediterranean. Be sure to visit the impressive underground tombs (Tombs of the Kings) that lie nearby. They are cut from rock and decorated with Doric pillars. Near Lemesos find the ancient city kingdom of Kourion, where you can see beautiful floor mosaics. The real highlight of Kourion is the Roman amphitheater overlooking the sea, still to this day is used for operas and other performances. Tip: If you’re in the middle of the theater and stand toward the seats talk, your voice sounds like if you were talking through a microphone!
Greek Mythology Places in Cyprus
Goddess of love
Even Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, loved Cyprus. According to Greek mythology she was born from the foam of the sea between Lemesos and Pafos, near Petra tou Romiou where they came ashore. Together with her lover Adonis, she visited many places in Cyprus, which to this day to visit. Always been searching for eternal youth? Were you in the water of the Baths of Aphrodite in the attractive village of Latchi, Paphos above. You can also noon with three laps to swim the Rock of Aphrodite, but the strong currents and lack of guarantee of any results, this is not recommended.

Byzantine Art
Lover of Byzantine art? Cyprus then you can not miss! In the churches and monasteries in the Troodos Mountains are especially beautiful colorful frescoes. Sometimes you’ll even find a church frescoes from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries! Ten of these particular churches are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Look with amazement at the ancient images surprisingly modern eyes. Make sure you do not just walk past the church, from the outside because they are very simple and can easily be mistaken for a farm.
Byzantine art in Cyprus church
Archaeological Museums
Besides all the wonderful sights that you are under a Cypriot sunshine can see, there are also many works that you can watch inside. In the various archaeological museums on the island you can admire priceless collections of archaeological discoveries. The objects in museums such as pottery, coins, jewelry, tombstones and statues show you the history of Cyprus in all its particularity.

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