Best of Cyprus; Most Popular Attractions

Best of Cyprus
With an area of ​​9,250 km2 and a coastline of 720 km Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean – only Sicily and Sardinia were larger. Given the area is not surprising that this sunny country has many highlights. We list them for you at a glance.

The best beach – Lara Beach
At Akamasschiereiland in the northwest of Cyprus you will find Lara Beach. Every year in August (when the temperature around 40 ° C) lay their eggs here dozens of turtles. In September it out and leave the turtles to the beach. It is therefore not surprising that many people like to come and see! The Nississtrand a small island.

The most impressive museums – the Byzantine Museum in Nicosia-South
This museum can be found in the Archbishop Makarios Cultural Centre. The museum holds the largest and most valuable collection icon collection from the island, and is therefore often called the Icon Museum. Highlights – among the more than 150 icons from the 8th to 19th centuries – the 13th-century icon that Elijah is fed by ravens and the image of the dead body of Mary holding Jesus. Also in the museum a collection of sixth-century mosaics were stolen by the Turks. These were later found and purchased.

The most beautiful nature – Akamasschiereiland
A rugged landscape of sand, coves, clear waters and cliffs right down to the sea. This is Akamasschiereiland. Take a jeep tour through this part of the island and visit the beautiful Chryssochoubaai, Cape Drenon (with ruins of Roman ports), Cape Arnaoutis (where you can dive to a wreck), Lara Beach and the Baths of Aphrodite.

The most beautiful mosaic floors – House of Dionysos at Kato Paphos
Impressive, that’s Kato Pafos, an archaeological park with the ruins of the ancient city. The excavations were made in 1962 and now the whole park is a World Heritage Site. The highlight of the park is without doubt the House of Dionysos with 2,000 m2 of mosaic floors, decks from which you can admire.

Tip! Make sure you have a good guide. Each floor depicts a Greek mythology and the stories behind if you find out, are the images more beautiful than they already are.

The most beautiful church – Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis
The church – which dates partly from the 11th century, but where in the 12th century and was confirmed in a dome in the 15th century the huge peaked roof – is one of the ten churches of Cyprus, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the church you will find dozens of frescoes, dating from the 11th to 15th centuries. They show scenes from the New Testament.

The most charming village – Omodos
This in the 11th century, the village was not only known for its wine but also its side papilla. The latter you still see when you walk through the village, on every street corner you can see old women and souvenir shops selling the hooks galore.

Take a visit to this town you should definitely along the Timiou Stavrouklooster, centered in the church. Stroll through the streets, have lunch at one of the many taverns and order a traditional meze or buy a delicious sandwich at the bakery on the corner. In short, breathe in the atmosphere of this village where time has stood still.

The most beautiful amphitheater – Kourion
Cyprus is a country rich in history. Over the years there have therefore been an excavated ancient cities and rediscovered. So is the city kingdom of Kourion, built in the 12th century BC. By earthquakes in the 1st and 4th century AD the city was completely destroyed. The city was discovered in 1934 and between 1959 and 1961 as much as possible to original condition.

The highlight of Kourion is the Roman amphitheater. 3,500 people used to live here with daily performances, now offers seating for 2,300 people. Unfortunately the upper part not be recovered. In the summer evenings are often held performances, if only because of the beautiful surroundings to attend.

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