Top 3, The Best Holiday Destinations in Cyprus

On the island of Cyprus are a number of interesting destinations. On this page you will find an overview of the most popular holiday destinations in Cyprus.The top three best and most popular holida destinations in Cyprus.


Larnaca is the third city of the island of Cyprus. This city is known for its beautiful boulevard with many nice shops and cozy terraces. Larnaca is unlike many other cities are not built for tourists but has a history of 3000 years. In the beautiful port you’ll find a little history of this place back. In Larnaca you will find a beautiful golden beach where many water sports activities are.

The airport of Cyprus is ten minutes driving distance from Larnaca. For tourists who want a relaxing holiday and would not want the hassle of partying young people, Larnaca is the ideal destination.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is one of the most touristic cities of Cyprus. This city is a small fishing village has grown into a major holiday town. Tourists flock to flock to Ayia Napa for the beaches and many craft shops. Besides young families are also flocking to Ayia Napa because of the great nightlife.

Many famous DJs have already turned. This city has little away from the Cypriot culture and is often compared to the popular Spanish island of Ibiza. The popularity of Ayia Napa is declining but is still very popular.


Limassol is the largest and most populous city of Cyprus. In this city you will find many hotels and accommodations in various price ranges. This city is in winter popular among many business people who spend their winter. In Limassol done anything, besides a large number of clubs you will also find many strip clubs and sexclubs. Besides many Dutch, Limassol is also enormously popular with English tourists.

The beaches in Limassol are not as nice as in other towns of Cyprus. The diverse nightlife and many shops make Limassol is a popular holiday destination.

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