Complete Mumbai Tourist Guide; From A to Z

Mumbai A to Z
India, Bombay and Thali. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think Mumbai. The rest can be found in this complete alphabet Mumbai.

A – An Eighteen Million
The metropolis of Mumbai has, according to some counts no less than eighteen million inhabitants. This live as many people in this Indian city in the Netherlands.

B of Bombay
Thus the British called Mumbai. In the past, the Portuguese ruled over the city. When the name was Bom Bahia, meaning ‘good bay’ means. The British corrupted the name to Bombay. Now officially called the city Mumbai.

C Crawford Market
In this large market halls, the smell of fresh produce to meet you. Fruits, vegetables and spices are in surplus. For souvenirs and clothes can be better at the Chor Bazar.

D Dharavi
Mumbai is certainly not all glitz and glamor. One of the slums of Dharavi city. Here the poor fight for their lives. The district has up to 1 million inhabitants.

E Elephanta Island
This island lies off the coast of Mumbai and is one hour by boat to reach. You will find many caves and Hindu temples. In February you can meefeesten with a festival. Song and dance will absolutely not be missed.

F Film
Mumbai is also known as Bollywood. This nickname is rewarded for its film studios where real Indian films.

G Gandhi
Gandhi is famous by the film and the historical narratives. It is the man who dedicated himself to a peaceful and Mumbai and the rest of India (see the letter I) of the British to liberate. When independence was declared, were the countries of India and Pakistan, two countries separated. Gandhi tried riots between Hindus and Muslims who came here to stop. He wanted peace returned and decided to go on hunger strike.

Haji Ali Dargah H
Haji Ali Dargah, the tomb is located on an island in the middle of Worli Bay. This 26 meters high building is best known for its bell tower. The tomb was built by a wealthy businessman who gave up all his belongings. He went on pilgrimage to Mecca, but would have left the road of life. The story goes that his lifeless body in a basket was driven back to Mumbai.

I India
Mumbai is located in western India. It is the largest city in the country, but not the capital. That’s Delhii.

J Juhu Beach
Many Mumbaiers visit after work the beach where they enjoy going to talk, eat and relax.

K Cow
The cow in Mumbai is not seen as a piece of livestock and human milk gives good steak, but as a sacred animal. This is because many Hindus in India life.

L of Lingam
Fertility lingam is the symbol of Shiva, the god to whom many temples on Elephanta Island (see the letter E) are committed.

M Mumbadevi
Mumbadevi was a goddess. The fishermen named the city of Mumbai to this goddess in order to honor her this way.

N Nightlife
Mumbai are great for a night go out. Bars, pubs and clubs abound. Mondegar in the club you can enjoy a real cocktail. For most luxurious go to Enigma. Here are the jet from Mumbai.

O for Oscar
The film Slumdog Millionaire is about a boy from the slums of Mumbai. He does everything for his great love for youth to win. The film was rewarded with no less than eight Oscars.

P India Gate
India Gate is the symbol of the city and is also known as “The Gateway of India ‘. The triumphal arch was built in 1911 by the sea. This was due to the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary came to visit the city.

Q for Quit India
Quit India is the name of the movement that fought for an independent India. India was still in British hands. During the Quit India campaign of thousands were killed or wounded.

R Rupees
This currency can be in Mumbai and the rest of India to pay.

S Superb Beaches of Mumbai
In Mumbai you on the beach enjoying the sun. Not easy, especially since the Chow Pati Beach is always busy. Especially on weekends is crawling with people. But if that’s not a problem for you, you can relax.

T Thali
This dish is on many menus to find in Mumbai. You get a big plate with all kinds of foods that naturally arises is not to be missed. The small dishes are all on the edge of the plate. Add this in the middle of the plate together and enjoy!

U University of Mumbai
This university was founded in 1857 by the British. You do not look long to find, as this high Gothic-style building from afar to see.

V Victoria Station
Victoria Station is the old name for the Gothic building now called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Here is the first train of India.

W Wonders of Shopping
India is known, everything is dirt cheap. You can opt for an afternoon of shopping in a mall, but it’s the most fun to browse a real bazaar. Most shops and markets are from 9.00 am to 19.00 pm.

X Xerotisch
Mumbai high temperatures prevail. Drink plenty to avoid dehydration.

Y of Yskoud
Cold may not be the first thing you think in a warm place like Mumbai. Yet you look like you just looking cool off enough. The mango smoothie for example, is best when it is cold and ice!

S of Sea
Mumbai is at seacoast, namely the Arabian Sea. So you can swim sea or dine by the sea.

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