Vacation At Coast Of Arabian Sea, Goa, India

Goa may be the smallest state of India, there is plenty to do! For centuries the region was a colony of Portugal, and this is still reflected in the environment and culture. Goa is situated on the coast and beautiful beaches.

Goa is a state in India, located on the west coast of the Arabian Sea. Goa is the smallest state in area of ​​India and has a population of 1.5 million. The capital of Goa is Panaji. Dabolim Airport is the airport of Goa and is 30 kilometers from the capital.

Goa was a colony from 1510 to 1961 in Portugal. This influence is still visible in Goa. Example, the relatively high percentage of Christians, namely 30%. Yet the majority Hindu population in Goa. Habits of this faith is you anywhere on the street, like the colorful Hindu temples. In the villages there are also many Catholic churches.

For many tourists, Goa is a paradise on earth: sun, sea, relaxing and partying. Goa is popular with Western people, especially backpackers. In the sixties, Goa is known as a hippy paradise, and since then, tourism has increased. The behavior of the tourists will still sometimes collide with the outlook of many residents.

India has a rich culture, but the colonial past and the tourists have brought Western influences on the culture of Goa. Goa, for example, alcohol is served in what the rest of India is difficult to obtain. As in all of India is the cow a sacred animal and it may run around freely.

A visit to Goa is the most pleasant between October and February. It is warm but not too hot and the sea is calm. Monsoon from June to September, is over. In this period is almost the entire annual rainfall. The rest of the year is virtually dry. Mid-March the humidity rises and the weather is oppressive and therefore unpleasant.

Goa has a beautiful green and fertile environment. The many rice fields provide a nice view. Deeper inland, the number of mountains. On the west coast you will find palms, golden beaches and rocks. Along the long coastline of Goa are beautiful beaches. The beaches in the north are more crowded than the beaches in the south. The most popular beaches are the beaches of Calangute, Baga and Candolim. Candolim is also the Fort Aguada in 1612. There are also several dive schools to find dive classes.

Besides the beautiful scenery Goa is also rich in culture and sights. Many buildings including churches and temples are well preserved. The capital Panaji is full of old churches and buildings. Portuguese ruins are visible in the form of houses, churches and small streets. Here are the sights Idalco palace, the Immaculate Conception Church and the Goa State Museum. Old Goa was formerly the capital of Goa and is now a Catholic pilgrimage. There are several churches under the protection of UNESCO, as the Church of Bom Jesus.

You can use the island in the Mandovi river Chorão visit where you will find beautiful nature Salim Ali Bird. This area is a breeding ground for many bird species. Also try one of the several boat trips on the Zuari river and canal Cumnharjua. There are also boat trips to crocodiles, birds and dolphins. Additionally, the ruins of Hampi easily accessible from Goa. These are the remains of the ancient city of Vijayanagar.

The shops in Goa is limited. In tourist areas, like the capital Panaji, and souvenir shops are however shops. There are entertainment options available in Goa and are given regular parties at the beach.

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