Most Popular Aegean Coast Vacation Spots in Turkey

Aegean coast: the most beautiful landscape of Turkey

Are you looking for the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey? You’re safe on the Aegean coast. Here you walk through pine forests and olive groves to spectacular rock formations and coves. But for a hip nightlife you can go here! selected for you the five hotspots in the region.

1. Izmir
The third largest city of Turkey on the Aegean coast. Izmir is a lively cosmopolitan city, situated on a long bay full of ships and yachts. By the fresh sea breeze, the temperature is pleasant throughout the year: warm enough to lie on the beach, cool enough to take everything. And you will have enough business in Izmir.

Besides shopping and water sports you can discover a culture of the seven exciting museums in the city, ranging from archeology to art and ethnography. There are also a number of historical sites and ruins to see. In the cultural center of Izmir regular opera, ballet and musical performances staged.

Nice! Are you in the summer months in Izmir, you fall with your nose in the butter. In June and July is here: the International Art Festival held in August and September and the International Fair. A sight not to be missed.
2. Bodrum
Opposite the Greek island of Kos Bodrum find the jet-set resort of Turkey. If you want to stroll along the boulevard in a city with an international atmosphere, then you are good. The buzzing nightlife of Bodrum. In the world-famous outdoor nightclub Halikarnos want to be seen. Are you a less extravagant stepper will move you into the cozy pubs of the city also attract you.

Culturally imposed? Check out a major archaeological discovery, St. Peter’s Castle. This Bronze Age building now serves as a museum of underwater archeology. And with good reason: even beneath the surface of Bodrum has plenty to see. This place is also popular with divers. Art lovers will be right again appreciate the many small galleries.

Recommended! Just three kilometers away from Bodrum you will find the seaside resort of Gumbet. Are you busy city life Sat, relax on the beautiful sandy beach of Gumbet.
3. Çesme
Are you windsurfer or would you like to learn? Then Çesme the ideal location for you. In this former fishing town, which is always wind. Yet, in even colder sleepers Çesme not avoid. The wind cools the high temperature at most a bit and makes the city nice and fresh. You’ll find many windsurfing centers and shops and there is always someone you the intricacies of the sport means to tell.

Even if you do not water sports lover, you do not get bored in Cesme. You can sunbathe on white sand beaches, fine dining on the promenade or stroll among the many market stalls and shops in the bazaar. A real Turkish souvenir here quickly found. From Çesme you a trip by ferry to Venice.
4. Ephesus
A few big steps back in history, that make in Ephesus. This city was the commercial center of the ancient and the remains of which are exceptionally well preserved. You can enjoy the magnificent ruins of a theater, gym, market, library and public baths look. There is also a museum.

Tip! You’re probably not the only one who wants to visit Ephesus. Try a quiet moment of the day choose from, for example, early morning.

5. Pamukkale
Without a visit to the natural phenomenon Pamukkale is your holiday on the Aegean Sea is not complete. The name Pamukkale literally means “cotton castle”, but you literally do not cotton to expect when you enter this place. What you can see it here? Pamukkale very hard water flows through many terraces along a downward slope. This warm water expands as it cools components along the limestone terraces, which meant a spectacle of nature arises. This looks a bit like a frozen waterfall, or a castle is cotton. You can find this place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Y’know! The warm water from Pamukkale is claimed to be beneficial works. And it’s never wrong to try it again in one of the many spas in the area.

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