Greece, Samos: Top 10 beaches!

Samos: the 10 beaches that you must have seen!

Some islands have it: beautiful beaches that you really must see. Samos is one of them. Rent a convertible and go on the road, because only the routes to it have been magnificent! Save the following beaches, does not have.

1. Kokkari Beach
In the north of the island you will find – in addition to the quaint village of Kokkari – even the romantic Kokkari Beach. This is one of the favorite beaches and town of Samos. There is a lovely, friendly atmosphere. Kokkari has a long but beautiful pebble beach.

This side of the island has to do with the so called Meltemi wind: a strong wind on the beaches rages. This beach is popular among windsurfers. Along the entire beach will find taverns where you can enjoy lunch in the afternoon. Kokkari is a very nice little town with narrow streets and a beautiful harbor. Also nice evening nice to walk around.

2. Pythagorion
In the south of Samos Pythagorion, which is one of the nicest beaches of the island is considered. Here you will find next to a beautiful beach, numerous restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops. Small beaches with pebbles found in the village itself, but here it is difficult to go into the water. If you prefer a sandy beach? Just outside the village – around the corner – is a superb beach. Here you can hire beds and umbrellas against charge.

3. Agios Isodoris
Drakei between Kallithea and is the adventurous Agios Isodoris, only accessible by jeep. Besides a good car, you also need a good condition: it is just survival in Samos! This makes it that this beach is quieter than average.

4. Limnionas
The highest mountain in the background of Samos, green hills and a sandy beach: all this can be found at the beach Limnionas. In this perfect spot, surrounded by a number of restaurants, hotels and shops, found in the southwest of the island.

5. Tsabou Beach
In the north of Samos, near the village Avlakia, find Tsabou Beach. There is no sand to find the beach covered with large boulders. Barefoot can not walk, so good sandals are a must. From above, this beach can actually breathtaking views. If you would like to sunbathe, you can hire sunbeds and umbrellas against payment (which really necessary given the pebbles).

6. Psili Amos Beach
In the southwest of Samos, not far from Pythagorion, find Psili Amos beach, a sandy beach. A major advantage of this beach is gently sloping to the sea here is ideal for families with small children! Tavernas you will also find enough, so all the ingredients for a great day at the beach.

7. Tsamadou Beach
In a beautiful bay just outside Kokkari, is Tsamadou Beach. Rocks and stones adorn the beach and the sea is almost immediately style. For young children are not so ideal beach. Part of this beach (the only one of Samos) a nudist beach. On the beach, tavernas, and the rental of umbrellas and sun beds is possible.

Attention! This beach is not accessible by car. You park the car and then walk the last part down.

8. Votsalakia and Kambos
In the southwest of Samos, these beaches directly against each other. It is a very busy area and you will find a lot of hotels, restaurants and houses are. This is also presenting a lot of fun during the day!

9. Megalo Seitani Beach
This beach, in the northwest of the island is only reachable on foot, roads are not here. The The walk to it alone is beautiful. Besides the fact that there are no roads, no you can find tavernas to eat. So bring your own water!

10. Potami Beach
This small beach with pebbles, in the north of Samos, both by car and on foot. On foot is definitely a must: walk along the river and come after about two kilometers to a waterfall that flows into a lovely lake.

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