Greece, Lesbos Island from A to Z

Lesbos from A to Z
Greece, ouzo and olive trees. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when you think of Lesbos. The rest can be found in this complete-alphabet Lesbos.

A Anaxos
Anaxos is a charming, quiet village about 3 km from Petra. It has a small center that consists mainly of hotels, numerous restaurants, souvenir shops and bars. The main reason why many tourists Anaxos as destination, the beach. This is known as the finest gravel / sand beach on the north coast. Furthermore Anaxos perfect for Greek life to discover and enjoy the culinary specialties that Lesvos has to offer. Take a stroll through the magnificent nature around Anaxos and Petra.

Castle B
Molyvos towering high above the old castle, which forms the face of Molyvos. It is the best preserved fort of Lesbos. The castle was built in the late Byzantine period built in 1373 under French Cesco Gattelouzi rebuilt. Today, the castle used as open and are also concerts. The view is breathtaking: you look out over the bay of Petra, Skala Sikamineas the coast and across Turkey.

C of Chios
Chios is an island full of history, and is next to Lesbos. It is mountainous, with many castles and pine forests. Mastics in the south of Chios give the world the only resin (mastic), which is also the main source of income is from the Greek island. Another reason for the prosperity of Chios, the villas of the wealthy Greek fleet owners. In the summer they return from around the world back to Chios. The port of Chios town is over crowded with big beautiful yachts.

D Liquor
Previously, a stranger offered a glass of water, a tradition that still exists. Even if tourists get up for coffee or a meal is always served water. In the tourist centers this habit gradually disappears, because many foreigners leave the water as it is. The usual coffee, Greek coffee (Ellinikos kafes): strong, black and sweet. In the Netherlands this type of coffee, is known as Turkish coffee, but in Greece you’d better not say. Among the most popular wines retsina.

E Island
Lesbos is the result of two, no longer active volcanoes. The original volcanic cones which have sunk two prominent bays were formed. The largest bay is the Gulf of Kallonis in the southeast is the smaller bay, the Gulf of Gera.

F Parties
The inhabitants of the capital Mytilene (see the letter M) loved a party. The religious festivals and fairs (Bull Festival in Agia Paraskevi and Mandamados, folk Carnival Celebrations) offer you the chance to get introduced to it. In summer you can Ouzofeest in Mytilini and Sardinefeest in Skala (Kalloni) certainly not miss.

Medicinal Resources G
The island has six mineral springs. Lesvos has many medicinal sources due to the geological nature of the island, the volcanic nature. Thermal baths with exceptional healing powers are found in Gera, Eftalou, Thermi, and Polichnitos Lisvori.

H of Origin
There are different ideas about the origin of the name of the island of Lesbos. Formerly called Lasia area, to the lush vegetation. The linguist N. Eleftheriadis reports that the word has the meaning of Lesvos island green, with an enchanting countryside. Another meaning of the word is derived from the word èsbou, that means seven and refers to it that the size of Lesbos in the seventh island in the Mediterranean.

I Infrastructure
In recent years we are working hard to improve the infrastructure. So the road to the west, from Mytilene (see the letter M), completely renovated in 2005-2006. Around the center should be a ring. There are also started work on a new marina and the city theater completely rebuilt.

J July
Greece has the warmest climate of all South European countries with at least 300 sunny days per year. In July, temperatures up to 40 ° C rise and often very unpleasant to feel, combined with air pollution. In general, January and February are the coldest months, July and August the driest, November and December the wettest.

K Monasteries
Lesbos has several monasteries that are worth a visit include:

• Mono Ypsilou: This monastery is situated on a hilltop overlooking the barren landscape.

• Mono Perivolis: this is no longer in use but has many old frescoes.

• Mono Limonos: a large monastery with over one hundred chapels.

• Mono Panaghias Myrsiniotisis: This monastery is now used as a guesthouse.

• Mono Panaghias Damandriou: a women with only two nuns (2006).

• Mono Agio Rafael: a large monastery with a large chapel and many relics.
L of Lesbian
The name Lesbos lesbians have mastered since Sappho is the island of Lesbos. Sappho was an acclaimed poet who lived around 600 years before Christ. With its fine words with which they both love, women and describes nature, many people are assuming that Sappho was a lesbian woman. Whether this was still a big question. Skala Eresos is the destination for lesbians: this is also the birthplace of Sappho.

M Mytilene
Mytilene, the capital city with over 30,000 inhabitants. The city has a harbor, a beautiful old castle and a number of museums. Situated on a hill by the sea and the city they have no street names. Furthermore, the boulevard and the lively city often busy. In summer it is very nice here and the many terraces offer space tourists. Mytilene is rightly a tourist attraction.

N National cuisine
Want to enjoy a real Greek meal? Then choose moussaka, an oven dish with minced meat, potato and eggplant. Meat lovers go for the keftedes, spiced meatballs. Of course you can eat anywhere in tsatziki, thick yoghurt with cucumber and garlic.

O Ouzo
Plomari is a village with beautiful houses that were built against a hill. Most of the houses dating from the 19th century. Nowadays Plomari known for its ouzo, the famous Greek drink. The village has five distilleries (Varvagiannis is the best known).

P Pain and olive trees
Lesbos is dotted with more than eleven million pine, olive and plane trees. Lesvos is famous for the quality of its olive oil. Per year some 20,000 tons of olive oil.

Q Quad
In order to explore the island there are several ways: if you rent a car, a bike or a scooter. But also very fun to do is a Quad (four wheel motorbike) rent. You can with a car and driving it just a bit different.

R Roman aqueduct
The village of Moria, with its colorful houses, a beautiful church with a yellow tower and its magnificent Roman aqueduct, located a short distance north of the capital Mytilene (see the letter M). In the village are many cafes and souvenir shops for some people to come and see the aqueduct. In the main street where all the traffic is driving is a sign that points to this attraction. The aqueduct is at the end of a path about 500 meters long. You can possibly get the car but the road is very narrow.

S Skala Kalloni
Skala Kalloni is a small port and a tourist town. It lies 40 km northwest of Mytilene. The village is famous for its delicious sardines. In the summer months here Sardinefeest place. There is a fine sandy beach and lively terraces. Hotels and apartments are plentiful. From Monday to Saturday is a market.

T Turkey
Although Turkey and the Aegean islands very close together, the interconnection is very difficult. Turkish daily ferries maintain a connection from Ayvalik, Cesme and Kusadasi to islands in the morning they leave Turkey and in the afternoon sail them back. In summer there are also Greek sailing excursion boats. The price of a Greek ferry boat is high.

U of marked paths
There are hiking trails mapped over the island, for those who want an introduction to the nature of Lesbos. The effort is rewarded with the beautiful view of olive groves, places full of lush vegetation, streams, chapels, deserted villages and rock formations. Then there are the trails that of Skopelos to Vatera and Plomaridorpen walk from Kapi to Sykamia, from Petra to Lapsara and Sigri to Eresso. During these tours you not only enjoy the natural beauty, but you can also experience the traditional architecture of Lesbos and the genuine hospitality of the islanders.

V Vatera beach
The beach of Vater (seven kilometers) is the longest of the island. Some beaches have ground down small black pebbles. Almost everywhere there are showers and changing rooms. There are few shops and the nearest post office is a long way (in Polichnitos). In July and August Vatera comes to life as the Greeks out of their houses or guest houses populate involvement. In the off season attracts mainly the village beach lovers.

W of Hot Springs
There are five hot springs, where the earth warmed water from the ground comes up. The water is often diverted to very old bathhouses. It smells like sulfur and generally seems to be beneficial. They are found in Eftalou, Thermi, Gera, and Polichnitos Lisvori.

X X-Factor
Walking, sunbathing, swimming, nature, and feasts. All things to keep in mind when you hear Lesbos. This fourth largest island in Greece, we therefore incorporated the island with the X Factor name.

Y Ypsilou
Ypsilou the petrified forest. This forest, estimated to 20 million years old, was proclaimed by the UNESCO geological park. In the distant past, a subtropical forest covered the whole island. There is no shade, so you can see the best in the morning to go. Ypsilou lies west of the entrance to the Petrified Forest.

Z of Swimming
The water of the Mediterranean blue looks nice and bright: the rocks, the seabed to depths to show through. It is difficult to imagine that the water is very dirty and no better than the North Sea. Not only the industry is guilty of pollution, tourists (and also the Greeks themselves) take to this by leaving plastic bottles, cans and food waste.


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