Best Summer Vacation Places In Greece; Sidari, Corfu

Sidari, located in famous Greek island Corfu, is today one of the most popular tourist destinations of Greece.
Sidari is an area known for beautiful beaches. Originally there were two fishing village located on the island of Corfu, about 40 km north of the city of Kerkyra. Sidari is situated in a bay surrounded by green and sandstone cliffs. Three local beaches offer a unique sandy bays and coves. Sidari is an attractive tourist location with many shops and tavernas. For active visitors there is prepared a range of water sports and activities. Diving, water skiing and boating. In the area of Sidari, several typical Greek villages untouched by tourism.

Sidari, Greek Σιδάρι, is a coastal village in the municipality Esperi the north of the Greek island of Corfu. Today’s Sidari is strongly oriented towards tourists, and consists essentially of a single-lane thoroughfare, located at the sides of hotels, souvenir shops and tavernas. Sidari is mostly visited by Britons.

A long stretch of white sand beach with deep fjords and Lehm-/Sandstein-Klippen stretches along the north coast and offers good swimming and surfing. Ports are on the north coast of Corfu not available.

In the city, a number of tourist attractions such as Parga about 81 km, Acharavi about 9 km, Pantokrator about 16 km, Barbati about 16 km, Peroulades approximately 3.3 km, Aqualand Corfu about 22 km, Gjipe beach is about 38 km, Palas Beach about 43 km, Corfu Golf & Country Club about 21 km

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