A nucleus-like island, Crete The Wonderful

Yes,  that’s true; why not to call it as a nucleus, for Western World particularly.It is where everything began, let’s say, and we wouldn’t have been exaggerated nothing with this statement.In the centuries by 2000 to 1450 B.C., being the center of Minoan culture, which was the oldest form of the Greek and surely therefore European Civilization, through Rome that was mostly a successor of this culture.

Well, this is what makes Crete so important in terms of civilization and so that of history, what about its natural beauty as a gorgeous Mediterranean Island, for sure, it’s more than words can say and to be experienced.We would try to mention some of it by words, then photos, anyways.

It’s a mountainous island located in the eastern Mediterranean with fertile plateaus.This island, Crete, provided a very suitable setting to grow their sophisticated society.It used to be the home of some of the best palaces in the world, and finest frescoes.Many relics of these mind-blowing times are on display at the Minoan archeological sites of Knossos and Phaistos.Crete was ruled by the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks before becoming a part of modern Greek.Remnants of all these civilizations are other beauties and must see items of the Island.

Beyond and addition to all these; the scenic beauty, temperate climate, absolutely gorgeous nature and beaches, Crete is all together delightful and marvelous.

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